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ServiceNow Integration with Jira

ServiceNow – Jira Integration

Customer experience and satisfaction is at the heart of enterprise success. To ensure that customer needs are aligned with development and delivery pipelines, customer support and development/QA teams need access to complete information in the right tool at the right time. The integration of Jira with ServiceNow helps the customer service and development teams communicate efficiently, in real-time. This, in turn, helps resolve the customer issues faster.

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Integration Overview

Customer support engineers use ServiceNow to track and process bugs and improvement requests from customers. Similarly, developers use Jira for issue tracking and work execution. Both Jira and ServiceNow are best-of-breed tools preferred by teams to leverage rich functionality in the development lifecycle. Integrating ServiceNow with Jira helps enterprises break information silos, helping teams to make informed decisions, prioritize tickets and defect requests accurately and accelerate customer response time.

The bi-directional and automated integration between ServiceNow and Jira eliminates communication gaps and barriers between customer support and development teams. This in turn, helps customer support engineers to track the status of customer requests accurately, and development teams to prioritize the most critical issues, resolving tickets faster and more efficiently.

How ServiceNow and Jira integration is beneficial for an enterprise

  • Real-time access to customer issues and priorities
  • Elimination of slow and tedious manual exchange of data
  • Communication on work items from team members’ preferred systems
  • Improved visibility of ticket status and IT workflows
  • Real-time updates when a customer issue is resolved
  • Accelerated customer response time

With Jira and ServiceNow integration, enterprises can:

  • Empower teams to act confidently
  • Get full context of customer requirements
  • Make informed decisions on customer priorities
  • Accelerate customer response time
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores

How OpsHub Integration Manager integrates ServiceNow and Jira

OpsHub Integration Manager integrates Jira and ServiceNow bidirectionally. It ensures that complete information from each tool is available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. All ‘tickets’ from ServiceNow automatically synchronize to Jira and all the entities and details associated with the ‘tickets’ synchronize back to Jira.

Popularly synchronized entities

How to Integrate ServiceNow & JIRA

By integrating ServiceNow and Jira, teams can make timely and effective decisions based on rich information and comprehensive insights. Eliminating manual dependency for exchange of information between customer support and development teams improves collaboration, visibility and response times, accelerating response times and customer satisfaction.

Use Case: ServiceNow integration with Jira

Problem statement: The support team receives a ticket from a customer. The support engineer classifies the ticket as a ‘defect’ or ‘enhancement’ and shares it with the development team for resolution. The development team responds that the ‘identified defect’ is a ‘known defect’ and is in process of resolution before the next release.

Solution: When Jira and ServiceNow are bi-directionally integrated using OpsHub Integration Manager, the status of this defect would have already synchronized to ‘ServiceNow’ as ‘In Progress’ along with the expected resolution date. The response to customers could have been faster.

  1. Multiple customers report similar issues related to the product.
  2. The support team identifies these tickets and reports them as a ‘problem’ to the backend team.
  3. The development team identifies a ‘defect’ in the solution. They add a comment to the ‘defect’ stating that it will be resolved in the next release (and expected date).
  4. The support team receives the information as ‘comments’ in ServiceNow.
  5. When a new customer logs a ticket asking for resolution of the same defect, the support team immediately responds to the customer stating that the ‘defect’ is being resolved and the customers will have a solution by the next release.
ServiceNow Integration with JIRA

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of integration for ServiceNow and Jira users

Jira users

  • Traceability for business requirements throughout
    the ALM tool chain
  • Visibility into customer issues and priorities
  • No dependency on manual communication for
    making decisions

ServiceNow users

  • Access to the business requirements and associated updates from within ServiceNow
  • Easy to categorize and transfer customer tickets to Jira
  • No manual efforts needed to keep backend teams updated on customer issues and priorities