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OpsHub Data Bridge

About the Product

In the modern product delivery ecosystem, the heterogeneous data stored into multiple, dissimilar sources can jeopardize an enterprise’s ability to effectively read and utilize that data. OpsHub Data Bridge, in such scenarios, helps enterprises effectively pull, store, and process large chunk of data from the ALM & DevOps ecosystem in the central data source, Data Lake.

Data coming from multiple sources get stored in the Data Lake in its native format, which can be further utilized for comprehensive analytics, future trends prediction, and improving the flow metrics and activity analysis.

OpsHub Data Bridge supports:


OpsHub Data Bridge Facilitates Data Lake Creation

OpsHub Data Bridge pools in all data – entities, history, comments and relationship between integrated entities – from across the enterprise into one central repository, the Data Lake. It helps in facilitating a continuous, real-time inflow of contextual data from any OpsHub supported system to the Data Lake, which enables the enterprise to experience ultimate seamlessness and transparency across their ALM & DevOps ecosystem.

Expanded Visibility Facilitated by OpsHub Data Bridge Helps Deliver Better Products, Faster

OpsHub Data Bridge strengthens the technical fabric of an enterprise by providing expanded visibility, which further enables enterprises to apply advanced data analytics and automation. It also makes the enterprise ready for even the most stringent compliance requirements. The Data Lake connects multiple disparate data sources in an ALM and DevOps ecosystem to create a unified, integrated data pool leaving no room for silos and information delays. All this eventually creates a transparent ecosystem with streamlined data flow – which helps improve the product quality and accelerate the delivery timeline.