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OIM Plans

Key Features

Details Community Edition Professional Ultimate
Supported systems Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps Server, Microfocus ALM, Jira, ServiceNow All All
Bi-directional synchronization
Entities supported Any 2 All All
Multi-projects synchronization 10 Projects Unlimited Unlimited
Attachment synchronization
Comments synchronization
Links synchronization
Synchronization frequency >=5 mins >=1 min Continuous
Support Community support On-line & On-call Support from OpsHub On-line & On-call Support from OpsHub

Detailed Features

Details Community Edition Professional Ultimate
Synchronization Support
Entities supported Limited All All
Number of entities supported 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-projects synchronization 10 projects Unlimited Unlimited
Comments synchronization
Attachments synchronization
Audits synchronization
Near-to-real-time synchronization
Synchronization report
Synchronization notifications
Latest state synchronization
Relationship synchronization
Administration and User Management
Web-based administration
HTTPS deployment
On-Premises deployment
Cloud deployment Not on OpsHub Cloud Available at Cost Available at Cost
User management
Multiple instance installation
SSO Authentication
Smart Features for Enterprise Integration Management
Interactive dashboard
Smart mapping
Fields conflict resolution
Disaster recovery
Configuration audits
Smart relationship synchronization
Consolidate mappings and integrations (merge)
Links and attachment conflict resolution
Impersonation support
Rebuild entity association
Advance conflict resolution
Reconciliation support
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