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TeamForge Integration with ServiceNow

TeamForge Integration with ServiceNow

It is cumbersome and time-consuming for cross-functional teams to switch between systems to update information manually. For support engineers and developers, effective collaboration is key to rapid resolution of customer issues and queries. Supercharge your development and customer-facing teams with access to unified data to deliver an excellent customer experience by integrating TeamForge and ServiceNow leveraging OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM). The bi-directional synchronization between TeamForge with ServiceNow empowers support teams and developers by making cross-functional data available in their native system with full context.

OpsHub’s integration support for TeamForge and ServiceNow helps the development team and the support team collaborate seamlessly to track customer issues, timely and fast reporting, and faster resolution of the most important queries. OIM bridges the communication gap between cross-functional teams, bringing development and support teams together. OIM not only provides current data to the users in their native systems but also maintains history in the integrated systems.

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TeamForge : 17.11, 21.0

ServiceNow : Till Fuji* Patch 5, Geneva Patch 7, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston, London, Madrid, New York, Orlando, Paris, Quebec, Rome, San Diego

*Version Fuji requires OpsHub Professional Services

Leverage Customer Service Management by Connecting Support & Development to Resolve Customer Issues Faster

Popularly synchronized entities between vManager and IBM DOORS
  • Real-time updates on customer priorities, issues, and their resolution
  • Improved collaboration with workflow automation
  • Enhanced visibility for development teams into the latest requirements and associated changes synced from ServiceNow to TeamForge
  • Rich transparency for customer service teams to track the development progress without leaving their native systems
  • Optimized productivity for developers and support engineers enabled by a traceable communication flow

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TeamForge Integration with ServiceNow Use case

When OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) integrates TeamForge and ServiceNow bi-directionally. All the problems from ServiceNow automatically synchronize to TeamForge. Similarly, all the entities and details associated with the problems synchronize to ServiceNow. Therefore, the synchronization of data in real-time enables the teams to collaborate seamlessly and resolve customer issues faster.

teamforge servicenow integration
  • 01

    The customer raises an “Incident” in ServiceNow. The support engineer analyzes this incident, identifies it as a “Problem,” and reports the problem in ServiceNow for this incident.

  • 02

    TThe development team gets its visibility as a “Defect” in TeamForge and analyzes its details.

  • 03

    The development team in TeamForge adds a “Comment” asking for the error details. This comment gets visible on “Problem” in ServiceNow so that the support engineer adds the error details as comments.

    • Thus, the development team and support engineer communicate effectively on the “Problem” clarification.
  • 04

    The development team understands the details for the “Defect” and adds a “Comment” stating that the defect will be resolved in the next release(with the expected date). The team starts working on this defect, marking its status as “In-Progress”. The comment’s status is visible on the ServiceNow problem. Hence, the support engineer has complete visibility into the progress of the problem and its expected resolution time and can inform the customer accordingly.

    • Additionally, suppose any new customer logs an “Incident” similar to the problem above. In that case, the support engineer can immediately respond to the customer, stating that the “Defect” is being resolved, and the customers will have a solution by the next release.
  • 05

    The development team works on the “Defect” and resolves the issue, marking it “closed” in Teamforge.

  • 06

    The support engineer has visibility into the status of the “Problem” and knows that it is resolved in this release. Finally, he shares the release with the customers.

TeamForge Integration with ServiceNow Using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Two – way automated sync of data between TeamForge and ServiceNow
  • Complete context and real-time access to customer issues and priorities
  • Transparency on delivery timelines with concurrent updates on changes 
  • Leverages the best of functionality and collaboration in the ecosystem
  • Accelerates customer response time
  • No room for error-prone manual efforts

OpsHub Integration Manager support for TeamForge with 50+ tools in the ALM and DevOps space enables enterprise-grade collaboration and transparency across the best of breed tooling environment to deliver greater business value.

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Why OpsHub Integration Manager?

  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • Full traceability of requirements
  • History preservation in the integrated systems
  • Robust failure recovery capabilities
  • Built-in conflict resolution between source and target
  • Deployment flexibility (On-premise or Cloud)