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In this section, we bring to you expert blogs that will keep you updated with the latest technology trends in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) world and commentary from the seasoned professionals from OpsHub on scalable Agile and DevOps methodologies.
By Vibhuti Bhushan / Nov 13, 2019

Enriching ALM & DevOps Ecosystems Through Data Lakes

Executive Summary Large enterprises are always on the lookout for infrastructure and tools that support their data managemen...

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By Richa Kashyap / May 16, 2019

Why Enterprises Need Systemic Collaboration More than Ever

Rich collaboration is vital for a setup in which multiple people work towards the same goal. For example, in an enterprise, seamless...

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By Richa Kashyap / Mar 22, 2019

5 Key Steps to a Successful Enterprise Agile Transformation

‘Going agile’ is no more a new thing. Most organizations start agile transformation in a phased manner, starting from either the project level or ...

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By Jama Software / Feb 15, 2019

A Developing Story: How MediSync Saves 80% More Time with Jama Software

Under strict timelines and budgets, healthcare innovation companies must develop safe products that are regulatory compliant. With stiff competition a...

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By Richa Kashyap / Nov 06, 2018

Future-Proof Your Product Delivery And DevOps Ecosystem By Choosing The Right Integration

Download PDF Successful integration of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem helps increase ...

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By Vibhuti Bhushan / Oct 31, 2018

Integrate Helix ALM With IBM DOORS to Accelerate Quality Product Delivery

Download PDF Modern product lifecycle management requires exceptional quality and optimal service without any system downtime. But how ca...

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By Richa Kashyap / Oct 26, 2018

Data Migration 101: Setting the Right Expectations

With new innovative tools being released in the marketplace which can significantly improve productivity and/or help create differentiated p...

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By Richa Kashyap / Oct 23, 2018

Consider These 5 Points Before Deciding Whether to Build or Buy an Integration Solution

Download PDF When you identify the need of integrating your Application Lifecycle Management ...

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By Aparna Garg / Oct 11, 2018

Why Choose Automated Migration Over Manual Migration

Download PDF In this fast-paced, digitally-enabled world, enterprises have no choice but to m...

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By Richa Kashyap / Oct 09, 2018

Modernize Your Systems Engineering Ecosystem with Jama & OpsHub Integration Manager

Download PDF Modern product development needs alignment between the cross-functional teams in an enterprise. Th...

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