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Intland Software’s codebeamer Integration with Jira

Intland Software’s codebeamer integration with Jira

A successful product management process involves collaboration between product managers and system engineers to eliminate information blockage/isolation that may lead to rework, miscommunication, and missed deadlines.


Integrate Intland software’s codebeamer and Jira to strengthen the development workflows and equip cross-functional teams with stronger management of data complexity, traceability, requirements and development progress tracking.

Integrating codebeamer and Jira bidirectionally allows the product team to maintain critical information related to requirements throughout their project lifecycle and directly connect them to development activities in Jira, including sprint planning, task management, estimations, defect and issue tracking.

Therefore, teams are able to use processes with flexibility to support agile, scaled agile and hybrid development. Moreover, it keeps data in sync to ensure accuracy, and maintains transparency and alignment across the entire lifecycle. Enable cross-collaboration to track requirements related discussions, and visibility into the development work across teams from within their native tools.

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Intland Software’s codebeamer : 21.09-SP3, 21.09-SP9

Jira: Cloud
On Premise: (Server and Data Center):4.x (except 4.4), From 5.x.x to 8.22.x

Minimize risks and last-minute changes. Accelerate delivery, strengthen compliance.

  • Connect product and engineering / development teams from product planning to execution, to ensure everyone is working on the most current requirements and stakeholders are engaged and aligned
  • Gain real-time access to requirement status and development progress and support a formal change management process across the development cycle
  • Produce end-to-end traceability from high-level requirements, tasks, tests, and defects to ensure that the requirements are fully satisfied
  • Prove compliance as an output of their existing process
  • Access to cross-domain reporting and project volatility analysis.

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Intland Software’s codebeamer Integration with Jira Use Case

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) bidirectionally integrates Intland Software’s codebeamer and Jira. Users can access cross-functional data, both historical and real-time in their preferred system with full context. All requirements from codebeamer synchronize automatically to Jira and all the entities and details associated with the requirement synchronize back to codebeamer.

codebeamer with manager integration
  • 01

    The product manager logs a ‘story’ in an existing ‘epic’ in codebeamer.

  • 02

    The product manager then re-prioritizes the existing stories within that ‘epic’ in codebeamer.

  • 03

    The new ‘story’ and ‘epic’ synchronize to Jira along with the defined priority.

  • 04

    The stories will be planned in Jira and the development team can provide the estimated completion date in Jira.

  • 05

    Based on that estimated completion date, the ‘Sprint’ details will be updated in Jira.

  • 06

    The ‘sprint’ will be synchronized to codebeamer as ‘release’ to define the estimated release for the given epic or the story.

  • 07

    The product team marks some stories as ‘Critical’ in codebeamer. The same will be reflected in Jira.

  • 08

    The development team starts working on the story marked as ‘Critical’ in Jira. They change the status of the story to ‘In Progress’ when they start working on it.

  • 09

    The status of the ‘story’ changes to ‘In Progress’ in codebeamer as well – the product manager is notified that the development work on the critical story has started.

  • 10

    The QA team will work on the testing of the story in Jira and if they find any defect in the functionality, they will log a bug in Jira and the same will be reflected in the codebeamer.

Benefits of codebeamer Integration using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • codebeamer integrates with Jira bidirectionally
  • The synchronization ensures all the current data is available to users in near to real-time in their preferred environment with full context
  • Full traceability of requirements across the ALM cycle
  • Complete visibility across the toolchain leads to smarter decision making
  • Seamless collaboration between the product team and the development team

OpsHub Integration Manager automated support for codebeamer enables teams to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness along the lifecycle, faster time to market, compliance and enhanced traceability in the cost-effective manner.

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Why OpsHub Integration Manager?

  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • Full traceability of requirements
  • History preservation in the integrated systems
  • Robust failure recovery capabilities
  • Built-in conflict resolution between source and target
  • Deployment flexibility (On-premise or Cloud)