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OpsHub Migration Manager

Migrate to Modern ALM Tools Using OpsHub Migration Manager (OMM)

Automated data migration

Full-fidelity migration with no data left behind and with zero downtime. Plan your migration to ensure new tools are ready when the teams are ready and trained to adopt the tools.

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How OpsHub Migration Manager Works?

Data is the biggest asset for any enterprise. One of the biggest challenges in adopting new tools, which will make the teams more innovative and productive, is migrating the data from legacy tools to new tools. Getting it wrong can have a huge impact on the bottom-line and set the teams back in their journey to becoming more agile. It’s probably why companies sometimes hesitate in switching to tools desired by their teams.

Zero downtime migration

The most important aspects of any migration are fidelity of data in the new tool and downtime during migration. The most important reason teams want to adopt new tools is the ability to use Agile processes, which are often different from the tools in use. Transforming data from one model to another is difficult, especially at large scale. Additionally, the cost of downtime is extremely high not only because of delays in product roadmap but also because teams are unproductive during the period.

  • 1  Zero downtime migration leading to no disruption to business.
  • 2  A factory approach to provide unmatched scalability.
  • 3  Full fidelity migration with no data left behind.

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Key Features

Multi project migration with OpsHub Migration Manager

Zero system downtime during migration

OMM provides a zero-downtime migration option wherein teams can continue to use the current system while the migration is ongoing. That allows enterprises to plan the migration in a phased manner and train the teams accordingly to switch them to a more agile tool.

Conflict management with OpsHub Migration Manager

High data fidelity post-migration

OMM can bridge the gap of model mismatch between the source and the target systems, and there is no data loss post migration. That is extremely important for enterprises concerned with regulatory compliance. OMM ensures that all the desired data is migrated with the right context and relationships.

Failure management with OpsHub Migration Manager

Highly scalable with a factory approach

OMM provides a factory approach to migration, where once the configuration to migrate a project is completed and validated, it can be reused to migrate thousands of projects without needing to repeat everything for all the projects. That is especially useful in large scale migration projects involving several projects/teams.

Cross system migration with OpsHub Migration Manager

History for all migrated data

OMM supports migration of all the artifacts with entire history, comments, attachments, and relationships. That ensures a complete migration to a more modern tool of choice without the need to keep the older system for reference. It is specifically important for enterprises where regulatory compliance drives a lot of decisions.

 History preservation with OpsHub Migration Manager

Robust recovery and reconciliation mechanism

OMM offers a sound recovery and reconciliation mechanism that prevents data loss and allows for migration to restart from any intermediate point. In case of an error or a change in requirement, the migration doesn’t need to restart from beginning.

Tools We Support

OpsHub Migration Manager (OMM) supports migration between any of the two tools supported on the platform. Any migration using OMM is always without any system downtime and with full fidelity of data. Below is a list of tools supported on OMM platform:

Why OpsHub Migration Manager?

Simple! Fortune 100 businesses have relied on us to provide enterprise class integration platform with unmatched reliability and scalability. We bring the same robustness to migration and ensure there is no downtime and no data loss for any migration needs of these Fortune 100 businesses across several different verticals.

Enterprise Migration Platform

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What’s More! OpsHub Guarantees:

Zero Downtime

We ensure that teams continue to work in their tools while the migration is ongoing and cut over to the new tool when they are ready.

Complete Data

We mean it! We offer the most complete and result oriented data migration. No data is left behind and compliance is taken care of too.


Factory approach to migration means the effort to migrate increases only marginally even if the number of projects increases from 1 to 1000.

Migration Case Studies

case study

US-Based Multinational Cloud Provider Successfully Migrated to Azure DevOps with OpsHub

The client wanted to adopt a cloud-based modern ALM solution to improve collaboration between teams and accelerate the product delivery process.

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case study

How a Top Financial Services Company Successfully Migrated to Jira with OpsHub Migration Manager

The client aspired to modernize and transform its engineering toolchain by switching from legacy tool to a combination of Jira for Development team and qTest for QA team.

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