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Resources - Videos

In this section, we have showcased some popular integration and migration use case videos. Learn how OpsHub products make integration and migration easy.

Jira - ServiceNow Integration

Integrating Jira and ServiceNow improves collaboration between customer support and development teams. Watch the demo video to learn how the automated bidirectional integration of Jira and ServiceNow …

Duration: 5:35 minWatch Video

Jama Connect - Micro Focus ALM Integration

Watch the demo video to learn how the integration of Jama Connect with Micro Focus ALM using OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) enables product and business teams to get complete traceability of …

Duration: 8:36 minWatch Video

TeamForge - Aras Integration

Integrating TeamForge and Aras bi-directionally using OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) helps enterprises connect ALM and PLM, leading to enhanced visibility and cross-team collaboration across the …

Duration: 4:35 minWatch Video

Cadence vManager - Jama Connect Integration

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) provides seamless, bi-directional and automated integration for Cadence vManager and Jama Connect. Watch the demo video to learn how integrating Cadence vManager and …

Duration: 4:35 minWatch Video

TFS to VSTS Migration by OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility

OpsHub Visual Migration Utility (OVSMU) enables seamless and comprehensive migration with full context between Azure DevOps Server (TFS) and Azure DevOps Services (VSTS), as well as Azure DevOps and …

Duration: 5:59 minWatch Video