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Resources - Videos

In this section, we have showcased some popular integration and migration use cases. Learn how OpsHub products make integration and migration easy.

Jira - Micro Focus ALM/QC Integration

The integration of Jira with Micro Focus Quality Center (QC) makes it easier for the development and quality assurance (QA) teams to collaborate with each other. This, in turn, helps in delivering …

Duration: 11:10 minWatch Video

OVSMU - Migration Utility

OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility (OVSMU) can help you with any

Duration: 1:41 minWatch Video

DOORS - TFS Integration

Doors TFS Integration brings transparency in the application delivery ecosystem. The product management teams get complete visibility into the progress of development work, and the development teams …

Duration: 4:57 minWatch Video

Enterprise Architect - DOORS Integration

EA is an integrated modeling platform that helps teams design robust and maintainable systems. Doors is requirements management solution. An organization uses Doors for managing requirements and EA …

Duration: 2:30 minWatch Video

Helix ALM - DOORS Integration

The automated synchronization between Helix ALM and Doors helps QA team save precious time that would have otherwise got wasted in copy-pasting data from multiple systems or manually coordinating …

Duration: 7:22 minWatch Video