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In this section, we have showcased some popular integration and migration use cases. Learn how OpsHub products make integration and migration easy.

DOORS - TFS Integration

Doors TFS Integration brings transparency in the application delivery ecosystem. The product management teams get complete visibility into the progress of development work, and the development teams …

Duration: 4:57 minWatch Video

Enterprise Architect - DOORS Integration

EA is an integrated modeling platform that helps teams design robust and maintainable systems. Doors is requirements management solution. An organization uses Doors for managing requirements and EA …

Duration: 2:30 minWatch Video

Helix ALM - DOORS Integration

The automated synchronization between Helix ALM and Doors helps QA team save precious time that would have otherwise got wasted in copy-pasting data from multiple systems or manually coordinating …

Duration: 7:22 minWatch Video

Azure DevOps - ALM Octane Integration

This video shows how descriptions fields between Azure DevOps (VSTS) can be synchronized with ALM Octane in the exact same

Duration: 2:15 minWatch Video

Helix ALM - Doors NG Bi-Directional Integration

Integrate Helix ALM integrations with rest of the ecosystem to increase collaboration and accelerate release

Duration: 3:26 minWatch Video