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Enterprise Architect Integration with Jama Connect

Enterprise Architect Integration with Jama Connect

Integrating Visual Modeling and Requirements Management tools helps teams to communicate effectively and collaborate on the latest requirements, change sets, and designs. Systems engineers use Enterprise Architect (EA) for engineering activities mapping systems architecture to requirements and to connect visual modelling to requirements, whereas product managers/system engineers use Jama Connect to build and define requirements for complex systems. Integrating Jama Connect and EA helps systems architect gain access to the latest requirement updates and customer priorities (Jama Connect) within EA and product managers get real-time visibility on queries from the design team, sub-requirements logged in EA for further clarification.

The bi-directional communication between product and system development teams enables them to use their preferred tools while aligning processes, workflows, and requirements. The traceability and integration between visual modeling and requirements management tools help development teams to design and build software and systems accurately avoiding tedious manual workarounds.

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Sparx Enterprise Architect : 10, 11, 13.0, 13.5, 14, 15, 16

Jama Connect : From 8.22 and above

Effectively Manage Customer Requirements and Conquer Product Complexity with Enhanced Collaboration Transparency

Enterprise Architect integration use caseentities
  • Cross-system visibility across Jama Connect and Enterprise Architect (EA)
  • Rich traceability of all requirements, work items and dependencies between EA and Jama Connect
  • Connect systems architecture and requirements and enable comprehensive requirements analysis
  • Enhanced visibility across the functions ensures that the teams have complete visibility in the delivery process
  • Allows teams to use the tool that’s best suited for the job – for example, processes, workflows and systems can be modeled in EA and relevant requirements management and gathering can be done using Jama Connect
  • Leverage full potential of best-of- breed systems, Enterprise Architect and Jama Connect

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Enterprise Architect Integration with Jama Connect Use Case

OpsHub Integration Manager helps integrate Enterprise Architect (EA) and Jama Connect bi-directionally in the automated fashion. The teams can access cross-functional data, both historical and real-time in their preferred system with full context. All requirements from Jama Connect sync automatically to Enterprise Architect and all the entities and details associated with the requirement synchronize back into Jama Connect.

Enterprise Architect Jama Connect integration
  • 01

    The Product Manager creates a Requirement and Sub-Requirements in Jama Connect and marks them ‘Ready for Design’

  • 02

    Requirement and Sub-Requirements synchronize to Enterprise Architect (EA).

  • 03

    The System Architect in EA seeks clarifications through comments on Sub-Requirements, and those comments synchronize to Jama Connect. The Product Manager clarifies them in the form of comments on Sub-Requirements, and those comments synchronize back to EA. Thus, the Product Manager in Jama Connect and System Architect in EA collaborate effectively for Requirement’s clarification.

  • 04

    The System Architect designs the Sub-Requirements and attaches the design screenshots as attachments to EA Sub-Requirements, marking it ‘Designed.’

  • 05

    The Design screenshots are synchronized to Jama’s Sub-Requirements as attachments with the status marked as ‘Designed’, which indicates that Sub-Requirements are designed and ready for development.

  • 06

    Based on the approved designs, the development team works on the Sub-Requirements in Jama Connect and marks them ‘Completed’ once the Sub-Requirements are met, which synchronize to EA and reflects ‘Completed’ status for the Sub-Requirements.

Enterprise Architect Integration with Jama Connect Using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Bi-directional synchronization of data between Enterprise Architect (EA) and Jama Connect ensures that the data is available to users across systems in real-time.
  • EA users can access the latest business requirements, and associated updates within the system.
  • No manual efforts are needed to keep the teams updated which saves teams from duplication efforts.
  • No dependency on manual communication or data transfer for making business decisions.

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM)’s support for Enterprise Architect enables better team collaboration and full traceability of requirements and work items across the application lifecycle. The cross-functional teams are able to make collaborative decisions with insights into complete customer context and raise concerns, if any, at any given point in time.

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Why OpsHub Integration Manager?

  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • Full traceability of requirements
  • History preservation in the integrated systems
  • Robust failure recovery capabilities
  • Built-in conflict resolution between source and target
  • Deployment flexibility (On-premise or Cloud)