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Windchill RV&S Integration with Enterprise Architect

Windchill RV&S Integration with Enterprise Architect

Software innovation teams today need real-time information sharing, dynamic data visualization, and the ability to collaborate more than ever to overcome product complexity. Systems architects and design teams use Enterprise Architect (EA) to model, manage and trace requirements to deployed solutions, whereas product managers use Windchill RV&S to manage requirements effectively. Integrating Windchill RV&S and Enterprise Architect with OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) provides systems architect with access to the latest requirements in EA, while product managers have a real-time view of EA design diagrams in Windchill RV&S.

The automated two-way data synchronization between Windchill RV&S and Enterprise Architect enhances cross-functional collaboration, traceability and visibility across the value chain significantly. As a result, the teams are always on the same page with real-time updates in their work tools, minimizing error-prone and tedious manual workarounds.

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vManager Integration with Jama

Windchill RV&S: From 2009 to 13.1

Enterprise Architect: 10, 11, 13.0, 13.5, 14, 15, 16

Elevate Product Development by Empowering Cross-Teams with Enhanced Collaboration and Effective Requirements Management

  • Improve cross-domain visibility across Windchill RV&S and Enterprise Architect (EA)
  • Enable end-to-end traceability of all requirements and diagrams between Windchill RV&S and Enterprise Architect (EA)
  • Integrate the systems architecture with the requirements to provide a comprehensive analysis of requirements
  • Enable teams to use the right tool best suited for their role – processes, workflows, and requirements are modeled in EA, while requirements management and gathering are performed using Windchill RV&S
  • Coordinate on delivery timelines seamlessly with concurrent updates on changes made available in their native systems

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Windchill RV&S Integration with Enterprise Architect Use Case

OpsHub Integration Manager facilitates bidirectional integration between Windchill RV&S and Enterprise Architect in an automated manner. As a result, teams have real-time access to cross-functional data, both historical and real-time in their preferred system with full context. All requirements from Windchill RV&S Connect synchronize automatically to Enterprise Architect and the designs associated with the requirement synchronize back into Windchill RV&S.

codebeamer with manager integration
  • 01

    The product manager creates a requirement and sub-requirements in Windchill RV&S and marks them ‘Ready for Design’.

  • 02

    OIM automatically synchronizes the requirement and sub-Requirements to Enterprise Architect (EA).

  • 03

    The systems architect designs the requirements in EA, marking it ‘Designed’.

  • 04

    OIM automatically synchronizes the design screenshots to Windchill RV&S’ requirements as attachments or as part of the description, with the status marked as ‘Designed’.

  • 05

    The product team gives feedback on the design diagram by updating the feedback or description field. The EA team replies to the feedback from within EA.

  • 06

    Finally, the product team approves the design and marks it ‘Ready’ for development.

Windchill RV&S Integration with Enterprise Architect Using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Bidirectional synchronization of data between Windchill RV&S and Enterprise Architect ensures that all data is available to users across systems in real-time
  • EA users gain access to the latest business requirements, and associated updates from within their system. At the same time, Windchill RV&S users are able to track EA updates from their native system
  • Design updates are automated, saving teams from duplication of efforts and rework
  • Business decisions are no longer dependent on manual communication or data transfer

Efficiently scale agile practices by integrating Windchill RV&S with 50+ best-in-class tools using OpsHub Integration Manager. Facilitate cross-domain visibility and traceability across the toolchain for better requirements management and faster product development.

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Why OpsHub Integration Manager?

  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • Full traceability of requirements
  • History preservation in the integrated systems
  • Robust failure recovery capabilities
  • Built-in conflict resolution between source and target
  • Deployment flexibility (On-premise or Cloud)