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Jama Connect Integration with TestRail

Jama Connect Integration with TestRail

Cross-system visibility and traceability are key to the success of Agile and DevOps teams working on shrinking sprint cycles and tighter timelines. Enhance collaboration between business, product and QA teams and get real-time insight into test plans, processes, test cases, coverage and results by syncing Jama Connect with TestRail.

The bi-directional synchronization of Jama Connect and TestRail through OpsHub Integration Manager ensures that real-time data is available to team members in their preferred system with full context.

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Jama Connect Integration with TestRail

Jama Connect: Cloud/Self-Hosted : From 8.22 and above

TestRail : 5.5.1,7.2.1

End-to-End Traceability from Requirements to Test Results

Sync information bidirectionally between Jama Connect and TestRail so that information is available to each user in their preferred system. Help product management, business and test management teams to focus on their core tasks without wasting time on manual data transfer. Use data across teams with full context and transparency to:

Popularly synchronized entities between Jama and TestRail
  • Full traceability between tests and requirements
  • Improved collaboration between business, product and QA teams
  • Enhanced quality of products through cross-system visibility between Jama Connect and Test Rail
  • Real-time insights into QA plans, defects, test plans, processes, test cases and results
  • Customer-centric approach to planning, development and testing with full context available across systems

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Jama Connect Integration with TestRail Use Case

Integrating Jama Connect and TestRail with OpsHub Integration Manager, teams can achieve end-to-end traceability from requirements to test results. Manually updating test results from TestRail to Jama Connect results in information delay and error-prone processes. By automating the data sync, teams can trace accurate, current testing information to all requirements. The cross-team visibility with this integration ensures that your QA process is thorough, and teams can communicate and collaborate better.

Test cases in TestRail are integrated with requirements in Jama Connect. Product teams have full access to test cases for each requirement in TestRail, right inside Jama Connect and users can log test cases against the same requirement based on customer scenarios.

The real-time insights for product and requirements teams into the quality of development work and full context into customer requirements and priorities leads to better decision making and application lifecycle management.

Jama and TestRail use case
  • 01

    Test teams or QAs create a Test Suite in TestRail for implementing tests related to multiple requirements. The Test Suite synchronizes to Jama Connect as a Test Plan. Product teams gain visibility into the QA progress and timelines using the Test Plan.

  • 02

    The test team then creates Test Sections within the Test Suite to logically bifurcate different kinds of tests. The Test Sections synchronize to Jama Connect as Test Groups.

  • 03

    Test teams then assign Test Cases. The cases synchronize to Jama Connect as Test Cases. The Product Manager can review Test Cases and provide suggestions for improvement.

  • 04

    The test team, then, starts executing the Tests by creating Test Runs of the related Test Suite. The Test Run (comprising multiple tests) synchronizes to Jama Connect as Test Cycle. The Tests from TestRail synchronize to Jama Connect as a Test Run.

  • 05

    When the test team completes the execution of the Test Run or finishes a particular Test, they update the Test Result (s) and that result value is updated in Status field (Steps) of Test Run in Jama Connect.

Jama Connect Integration with TestRail using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Jama Connect integrates with TestRail bidirectionally
  • The integration ensures all historical and current data is available to users in real-time in their preferred environment with full context
  • TestRail users get full visibility into the customer requirements and priorities through updates made by product management team
  • Jama Connect users gain insights into quality parameters and test results within Jama Connect in real-time

OpsHub Integration Manager support for Jama Connect enables better team coordination and full traceability of requirements across the product delivery life cycle. Enhance traceability, visibility, and collaboration across your organization by keeping the teams updated about their requirements, test plans and issue tracking throughout the project life cycle.

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Why OpsHub Integration Manager?

  • Guaranteed data consistency
  • Full traceability of requirements
  • History preservation in the integrated systems
  • Robust failure recovery capabilities
  • Built-in conflict resolution between source and target
  • Deployment flexibility (On-premise or Cloud)