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Cadence vManager Integration Using OpsHub Integration Manager

Make data available across systems to avoid manual transfer delays and errors. Gain cross-functional insights for verification management by syncing real-time data with full context.

Verification teams in pre-silicon functional validation need high traceability and visibility for verification outcomes. Manual requirements traceability methods are neither agile nor scalable. As System on Chip (SoC) design evolves in complexity and functional density, requirements evolve quickly, and team members often struggle to sync information across tools to verify the most recent recent-most specifications. Automate connection of verification plans with requirements to eliminate manual dependencies and slow, error-prone processes.

Cadence vManager

20.6 and above

Achieve Traceability and Predictability in Pre-Silicon Functional Verification

  • Foster collaboration, accuracy and transparency with end-to-end traceability among enterprise systems
  • Optimize coverage and functional accuracy with historical and real-time information with full context

  • Gain real-time visibility into requirements changes and modifications helping verification requirement teams to be more productive and make informed decisions; improve visibility into verification outcomes in 3rd party tools like Jama Connect, IBM DOORS or Jira
  • Avoid working on stale requirements, missing latest updates, eliminate cumbersome and error-prone manual updates

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Verification as Usual

Verification with OIM Integration Support


Sync Use Case: Requirement Creation to Verification Results Traceability

Some Common Integrations with Cadence vManager

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IBM Doors - ClearQuest

Cadence vManager – IBM DOORS

vManager jira

Cadence vManager – Jira

IBM Doors - Git

Cadence vManager – Jama Connect

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Other Systems OpsHub Supports for Integration