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Cadence vManager Integration Using OpsHub Integration Manager

Cadence vManager is the next generation enterprise-class verification management & planning solution that automates the end-to-end management of complex verification projects—from goal setting to closure. The vManager platform provides capabilities tailored for verification on top of scalable and robust data management technology. Integrating vManager with rest of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem – can improve productivity, predictability, and quality (PPQ) through improved automation, visibility, and traceability.
OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) supports the integration of vManager with 50+ systems in the ALM and DevOps ecosystem out of the box.

Supported Versions:

Cadence vManager
  • From 20.06 to 21.01

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Some Common Integrations with Cadence vManager

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IBM Doors - ClearQuest

Cadence vManager – IBM DOORS

vManager jira

Cadence vManager – Jira

IBM Doors - Git

Cadence vManager – Jama

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Business Value Offered by OpsHub Integration Manager

Faster Time to Market

OpsHub integration provides enterprises complete visibility into the product delivery ecosystem, allowing for faster software releases without compromising the product quality. Delighting customers with better quality and timely releases is critical to success in today’s digital world.

Increased Productivity

OpsHub integration allows enterprises to enable every stakeholder in the product delivery ecosystem to make faster decisions by ensuring all the relevant contextual data is available in their tool of choice. No manual data entry or data exchange anymore.

Complete Traceability and Compliance

OpsHub integration ensures that there is complete traceability across the product delivery ecosystem with no data leakage. The end-to-end visibility facilitates governance and risk management by identifying vulnerabilities earlier in the process.

Other Systems OpsHub Supports for Integration