DOORS Integration using OpsHub Integration Manager

DOORS is a modern requirements and test management solution for complex systems development. Integrating DOORS with rest of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem – the development, bug tracking, issue tracking, and service management systems helps streamline product, backend, and operations goals.

You can integrate DOORS with 50+ ALM, DevOps, IT Service Management (ITSM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems using OpsHub Integration Manager.

IBM Rational DOORS with JIRA

IBM Rational DOORS with JIRA

The integration of IBM Rational DOORS with JIRA ensures complete visibility into how each requirement is progressing through the appli...


IBM Rational DOORS with Git

IBM Rational DOORS with Git

The integration of IBM Rational DOORS with Git ensures complete tractability of a requirement to the source-code level. The produ...


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System Description

DOORS provides a scalable solution to optimize communication, collaboration and verification of requirements. It enables you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards.

Supported Versions

  • 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6

Supported Entities

  • All entities except Set, Component, Section, Test Plan, Test Cycle, Test Run, Core


OpsHub supports DOORS integration with 50+ ALM, DevOps, ITSM, & CRM systems


Integration Case Studies

OpsHub has helped several enterprises integrate their ALM ecosystem successfully.

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