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OpsHub is a leading provider of integration and migration solutions for the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and DevOps systems. OpsHub products enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the agile teams in ALM and DevOps environments.

OpsHub Products


OpsHub Integration Manager

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) integrates 50+ ALM, ITSM, CRM, and DevOps systems. OIM ensures that accurate and current data is available to each user. Data is synchronized in the user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time.


OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility

OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility (OVSMU) is a migration utility exclusively designed to support data migration in Microsoft ecosystem. Using OVSMU, enterprises can migrate data between TFS-TFS, TFS-VSTS, VSTS-TFS, and VSTS-VSTS. OVSMU supports migration between all versions of TFS and VSTS.

OpsHub Products Help Enterprises

Unify and scale the ALM ecosystem: OpsHub products give enterprises the liberty to choose the systems best suited for their role without compromising on collaboration. OpsHub makes it easy for enterprises to migrate data from one system to another and further integrate the new system with 50+ popularly used ALM, ITSM, CRM, and DevOps systems.

Have complete traceability for all data present in the ecosystem: OpsHub products help enterprises have complete traceability of data in their ecosystem. Whether it is migration of data from one system to another or integration of multiple, disparate systems, OpsHub products ensure complete and accurate synchronization of data with full history and context.

Increase rich collaboration and fasten decision making: OpsHub products facilitate rich interaction between the different cross-functional teams and increase transparency in the ecosystem. This helps in accelerating decision making as complete context of all critical data is available for all stakeholders involved in decision making.


Integration Case Studies

OpsHub has helped several enterprises integrate their ALM ecosystem successfully.

To read these customer case studies, please click here.

Micro Focus ALM – Micro Focus ALM Octane migration using OpsHub Integration Manager