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Bugzilla Integration with Jenkins

Bugzilla Integration with Jenkins

The integration of Bugzilla and Jenkins helps bring automation in the delivery ecosystem. With Bugzilla and Jenkins automation, teams can cut down on manual efforts and put automated quality checks and trigger builds on defined conditions. With this kind of automation, it becomes easier for organizations to deliver quality products, faster.

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Bugzilla – Jenkins Integration Overview

In an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem, the choice of systems and the collaboration between the cross-functional teams play a great role in delivering quality solutions. While the choice of systems impacts the productivity of a team, cross-functional collaboration enhances seamless communication between teams to take better decisions, faster.

By integrating Bugzilla and Jenkins, enterprises can diminish collaboration barriers that otherwise lead to quality issues, delivery delays, and financial loss.

How Bugzilla – Jenkins integration is beneficial for an enterprise

  • Pre-commit validation checks ensure quality check-in
  • Automatic build trigger ensures less manual effort and less manually-induced mistakes

With Bugzilla + Jenkins integration, enterprises can:

Bugzilla  Jenkins Integration

How OpsHub Integration Manager integrates Bugzilla and Jenkins

OpsHub Integration Manager integrates Bugzilla and Jenkins bi-directionally. It ensures that all build results are synchronized from Jenkins to Bugzilla and a new build is triggered when a bug is resolved. With Bugzilla and Jenkins integration, QA team can plan to run specific regression suites after a bug completion. So, when the bug is marked as ‘complete’ in Bugzilla, the execution of the corresponding regression suite is triggered in Jenkins.

Popularly synchronized entities

Bugzilla Jenkins Entities Mapping

Use Case: Bugzilla integration with Jenkins

Problem statement: Every time a bug is resolved, someone from the development team must manually trigger the build.

Solution:When development system, Bugzilla, and Jenkins are integrated, build can be automatically triggered using OpsHub Integration Manager.

  1. The development team updates the status of a ‘bug’ to ‘resolved’ in Bugzilla.
  2. Once the status of the ‘bug’ status gets updated to ‘resolved’, OpsHub Integration Manager automatically triggers the ‘build’ in Jenkins.
  3. After the build is executed in Jenkins, OpsHub Integration Manager synchronizes the ‘build result’ from Jenkins to Bugzilla. It adds the ‘build result’ as a ‘comment’ within the Bugzilla bug along with linkages to relate it with the Jenkins build.
  4. The development team can use the linkage from the comment to access the ‘build result’ in Jenkins.

Benefits of integration for Bugzilla and Jenkins users

Bugzilla users

  • Complete traceability for a bug
  • Pre-commit validation checks ensure correct bugs are being checked in

Jenkins users

  • Saves manual effort
  • Easy to collaborate with the backend team on build results

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