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Stay Ahead of Competition with Real-Time Cross-Team Collaborations


The complexity of product development in the semiconductor and hardware landscape has increased due to evolving client demands and cutting-edge SoC designs. However, the current approaches to collaboration and traceability appear insufficient, considering stricter regulatory and compliance standards. Therefore, it becomes challenging for teams to update and verify the latest requirements across different tools.

To survive and thrive in this highly competitive scenario, semiconductor teams must operate in a highly collaborative, agile, and integrated setting. This entails cross-functional collaboration between the product managers, verification engineers, and QA teams working in their native tools, as well as transparency and visibility into the requirements across the ecosystem.

To speed up the verification closure, it is crucial to have seamless integration of disparate tools to establish end-to-end traceability, comprehensive visibility, and enhanced collaboration between cross-domain teams. Cadence vManager, a leading verification management tool, when integrated with other systems via OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM), brings product management and verification teams on the same page with access to the latest requirements in their preferred tools.

This blog describes how Cadence vManager and OpsHub integration can drive innovation at scale in the semiconductor domain. Read this blog in detail to learn more about:

  • Leveraging Cadence vManager using an automated scalable integration solution
  • Facilitating cross-functional collaboration, visibility, and traceability into the requirements across the heterogeneous ecosystem via OIM
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Cadence vManager and IBM DOORS integration use case


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