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Wahoo Fitness Accelerates Innovation with Jira Cloud Migration Leveraging OpsHub


Wahoo, a leading US-based fitness technology company, was using multiple Jira instances for various projects. This posed collaboration challenges between teams in different instances. As operations scaled up, the siloed Jira environments added considerably to the administration and maintenance costs. However, these Jira instances contained valuable collective knowledge and the historical context of their various systems.
Accelerating innovation meant having a holistic view of the data and information for improved traceability and decision making. Wahoo had a compelling need to consolidate Jira instances without losing historical information, context, and projects. This led them to OpsHub’s Migration Manager solution.


  • 1 Lack of cross-team/project traceability and collaboration across Jira environments
  • 2 High operational and administrative overheads for running multiple instances
  • 3 Choosing an agile, risk-free migration/consolidation path that is non-disruptive and has zero downtime

Uptime and High-Fidelity Data Jira Cloud Migration Helps Wahoo Accelerate Innovation

OpsHub worked in tandem with the client and their development teams. The Jira migration was completed without data loss and with zero downtime. All the projects were migrated preserving complete history and links between issues. In particular, the migration supported cross-team/cross-project dependencies and complete visibility throughout the migration. During migration, teams continued to work in the source Jira systems without any constraints or interruption. OpsHub’s flexible approach and highly collaborative partnership with the client made the transition seamless and hassle-free, ensuring project success.

Engagement Benefits 

  • Phased, systematic and controlled cut-over ensured high-uptime and productivity
  • Preservation of institutional knowledge and historical data
  • Enhanced collaboration, visualization & tracking of work with a single, streamlined Jira instance
  • Reduced administrative and operational overheads
  • Improved reporting and transparency across Jira projects and teams
  • Smooth and easy switch over with full access to historical data

Breaking the silos to visualize and track the work across various teams was a significant driver in getting a consolidated Jira environment. We chose OpsHub for native Jira migration to reduce downtime. In addition, OpsHub gave a lot of flexibility in which we controlled cut-over users and allowed us to prepare and do that in a seamless manner. OMM’s seamless synchronization ensured no information lag or data loss with all the linear history of the ticket available to the teams.

– Jared Portela

Senior Project Manager at Wahoo Fitness

Next steps
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OpsHub Guarantees:

OpsHub Guarantees

Zero Downtime Migration

We ensure that teams can continue to work in their tools while the migration is ongoing and cut over to the new tool when they are ready.

Complete Data Migration

We mean it! We offer the most complete and result oriented data migration. No data is left behind and compliance is taken care of too.

Unmatched Scalability

Factory approach to migration means the effort to migrate increases only marginally even if the number of projects increases from 1 to 1000.