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Key Considerations in Quality Tool Modernization

Increasing software complexity in the current IT landscape has made tool modernization an absolute business imperative for enterprises. In addition, teams working in the hybrid ecosystem need collaboration, traceability, and visibility into the data, which legacy tools are unable to deliver. As a result, it has become critical for teams to move to a modern and scalable tool to stay at the top of the game and help them accelerate quality software delivery. Choosing the right migration strategy and tool that supports agile migration is vital to implementing the legacy modernization process efficiently.

Watch the full webinar recording to learn more about:
  • Evolving QA landscape and the business needs for quality tools modernization
  • Key considerations, tooling strategies, adoption approaches and best practices for quality tool modernization
  • Legacy modernization via agile, incremental, and non-disruptive data migration with zero downtime and no data loss
  • Importance of preservation of historical and current data
  • Amping up digital transformation and innovation through modernizing applications