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Cadence vManager - Jira Integration

Verification engineers need visibility into requirements with full context. They also need updates on the tests associated with each requirement and the Grade Attributes. Similarly, Jira teams need to take informed business decisions based on verification outcomes in Cadence vManager. Collaborating manually for verification engineers, testers, and product owners leads to information gaps and avoidable delays. In addition, manual processes to map verification requirements are neither agile nor scalable. As a result, it impacts productivity, resulting in quality issues, delivery delays, and compliance risks. The answer lies in the automated synchronization of data between Jira and Cadence vManager. Cross-functional insights and real-time data with full context result in a robust and transparent verification process. Cadence vManager integration with Jira enables traceability and comprehensive functional verification by minimizing manual intervention and errors. Watch the demo video to learn how OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) integrates vManager and Jira bidirectionally, improving collaboration between teams and ensuring all current data is available to both users with full context, in their preferred system, in real-time. By leveraging this integration, users can eliminate subjectivity associated with complex and diverse sets of verification, requirements, and defects data.