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How Capario Used OpsHub to Create Real-Time Collaboration

The Scenario

  • Agile teams using different ALM systems:
    • Quality Team: Using SmartBear ALMComplete for Test Cases, Defect Tracking, and Requirements.
    • Development Team: Using Jira for User Stories and Defect logging.

The Business Problem

Project data fragmented across disparate systems and not easily available to individual stakeholders.

  • No traceability between Test Case failures and Defects.
  • Quality teams unable to see changes being made by the Development team to fix defects or implement requirements.
  • Difficult for Quality teams to provide feedback and defect reporting to the Development team.
  • Lack of communication and poor end-to-end visibility.

The OpsHub Solution

The OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) unified the Capario ALM ecosystem by seamlessly connecting QAComplete with Jira.
Bidirectional sychronization of Defects and Requirements between Jira and ALMComplete:

  • New Defects entered into ALM Complete sync to Jira and become visible to the Development team.
  • When the Development team fixes a defect and updates Jira, in the new changes appear immediately in ALMComplete.
  • Full mapping of User Stories, Change Requests, Test Tasks, and Requirements between Jira and QAComplete.
  • Quality Engineers gained full traceability of all changes made to resolve Defects and implement Requirements.


OpsHub Integration Manager unified Capario’s ALM ecosystem.

  • All data on Requirements, Test Cases, Change Requests and Test Defects is available on one system – SmartBear QAComplete – for all stakeholders.
  • Richer visibility and better traceability is available across all systems.
  • Development and Quality teams can communicate and collaborate while continuing to work in their native systems.


The enhanced visibility and traceability from the OIM implementation gave Capario’s cross-functional teams more information and richer context, and thus enabled them to make better decisions faster. Collaboration improved and team productivity increased.

“The OpsHub solution unifies our ALM ecosystem, not only allowing our cross-functional teams to improve communications, and gain richer visibility and better traceability across their native ALM systems, but also significantly reducing the time spent by our Quality teams on cross-functional projects.”