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In this section, we bring to you expert blogs that will keep you updated with the latest technology trends in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) world and commentary from the seasoned professionals from OpsHub on scalable Agile and DevOps methodologies.
By Richa Kashyap / Oct 03, 2018

How Micro Focus ALM/QC TFS Integration Helps Improve Product Quality & Accelerate Delivery

Download PDF Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) is used by several enterprises to manage their development wo...

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By Aparna Garg / Apr 10, 2018

DOORS - DOORS Next Generation migration

Download PDF How to migrate from IBM Rational DOORS to DOORS Next Generation (NG) It is imperative for enterprises today to capture, trace, anal...

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By Prakash Tiwary / Mar 27, 2018

Micro Focus ALM – Micro Focus ALM Octane migration using OpsHub Integration Manager

Download PDF How to migrate from Micro Focus ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) to Micro Focus ALM Octane With evolving technological landscape ...

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By Vibhuti Bhushan / Jan 06, 2018

5 Features To Consider When Building An Integration Solution

The need for software integration is well-established. We discussed about how a well-unified ecosystem helps enterprises deliver phenomenal customer e...

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By Vibhuti Bhushan / Jan 03, 2018

How To Reduce Cycle Times By Adopting Systemic Collaboration

The technology landscape, today, is evolving to accommodate the changing demands of the customers, who want the best quality solutions in the shortest...

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By Aparna Garg / Jan 03, 2018

A Product Owner In A DevOps World: Challenges And Opportunities

People often ask, what all does my role as a product owner entail? I tell them, my role entails everything that it takes to increase the customer ...

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By Prakash Tiwary / Jan 03, 2018

Building A Unified Agile Tool Ecosystem

We are living in a digital age which is characterized by speed, quality, and experience. Ask any customer if they are ready to compromise on any of th...

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By Aparna Garg / Jan 03, 2018

Tools Selection In An Agile Ecosystem

Quality product, short release cycle, and superior customer experience are the three primary expectations of a customer today. To meet these requireme...

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