Opshub Integration Manager

About the product

OpsHub Integration Manager is a comprehensive integration solution that facilitates wiser, contextual decisions by making all critical data available to all stakeholders, in their preferred systems, with complete context, in real-time.

OpsHub Integration Manager supports the integration of 50+ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), DevOps, IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


Features of OpsHub Integration Manager

OpsHub Integration Manager has a robust architecture and design that helps in managing data in multiple systems in an accurate, reliable, and scalable manner.

The following features in OpsHub Integration Manager make it the most trustworthy and comprehensive integration solution in the ALM and DevOps space:

Conflict Management

Automatically detects and resolves conflict between the source system and the target system

History Preservation

Maintains complete history in the integrated systems

Cross-system Traceability

Allows traceability between code to requirement, tickets to defects, and many other entities


Can be installed on-site or deployed on public/customer cloud

Failure Management and Recovery

Provides automatic failure notifications and retries the failures, as desired by the administrator, when the target system is unavailable or an entity fails to synchronize

Multi-project Support

Available in enterprise edition and enables synchronization across multiple projects in a single integration

Workflow/change Support

Through customization, OpsHub Integration Manager enables additional data transformations in addition to synchronization

Why choose OpsHub Integration Manager

Agile development teams need real-time access to consistent, current, and accurate data. Teams also want to use the best standalone system for each specific task. OpsHub Integration Manager meets both objectives: it synchronizes data from each connected system while allowing continued use of existing best-of-breed systems.

The visibility that OpsHub Integration Manager brings across the ALM ecosystem:

  1. Ensures optimal use of human capital and expertise
  2. Brings rich collaboration among cross-functional teams
  3. Boosts productivity and accelerates delivery
  4. Helps improve product quality, and decreases omissions and duplications
  5. Enables faster reporting and accurate, automated traceability
  6. Provides full context of data at each control point

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