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How to Migrate from IBM DOORS to IBM DOORS Next Generation

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Customers are looking to move from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation for the following reasons:  
  • Modern web-based user interface and shared user administration in DOORS Next Generation makes it more user friendly
  • Multiple deployment options for DOORS Next Generation, such as customer cloud or public cloud deployment, make it easy for enterprises that have geo-distributed teams to collaborate
  • Data visualization features in DOORS Next Generation help users create rich-text documents and graphic representations of business process diagrams for easy comprehension of information and faster decision making
  • Reporting using Jazz reporting service in DOORS Next Generation address all traceability and compliance needs for an enterprise

1 - Three DOORS to DOORS Next Generation migration options available for customers today

Migration solution provided by IBM and the limitations associated with the solution

While IBM provides a migration solution that allows unidirectional migration to DOORS Next Generation with backlinks in the old system, it comes with two big limitations. Need to keep DOORS online for historical data and audit trails: The migration solution doesn’t support the migration of audit trail and historical data to DOORS Next Generation. This means that the users will always have to maintain DOORS as an archival system and their productivity will be impacted if the DOORS goes down at any point in time. Lack of support for DXL scripts: As the existing DXL scripts from DOORS can’t be used in DOORS Next Generation, users need to redefine entire compliance and reporting structure in DOORS Next Generation all over again. Failure to rewrite these scripts will lead to loss of critical data and subsequent compliance issues. Recreate Enhancement Recreate enhancements using DXL scripts  

Migration solution provided by IBM and the limitations associated with the solution

No enterprise today wants to put their human resources and systems on downtime due to huge cost implications. Also, with traceability of data becoming a critical compliance need in most industries, enterprises can’t afford to take chance with the history and audit trail of data in their ecosystem. By using OpsHub Migration Manager, DOORS users can migrate to DOORS Next Generation without any system downtime and with complete context. There are two ways in which OpsHub Migration Manager facilitates DOORS to DOORS Next Generation migration.

2 - Migration option 1 using OpsHub Migration Manager

  OpsHub Migration Manager helps migrate data from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation with a complete audit trail and history along with other artifacts. OpsHub Migration Manager can fully migrate all audit trail and history along with other artifacts online to DOORS Next Generation in an instantaneous or a phased manner. DOORS to DOORS NG Migration

Choosing this method has following advantages:

  • Clean and complete migration of entire data with complete context to DOORS Next Generation
  • No further investment on maintenance and infrastructure for DOORS
  • Migration without any system downtime

3 - Migration option 2 using OpsHub Migration Manager

  In situations where customers use DXL scripts for compliance and reporting purposes, OpsHub Migration Manager can first migrate all data with history and audit trails to DOORS Next Generation and then creates bi-directional sync between DOORS and DOORS Next Generation to keep data same at all times in both the systems. DOORSNG Migration

Choosing this method has following advantages:

  • Flexibility to continue using DXL scripts on DOORS for compliance and reporting purposes
  • Access to features such as advanced visualization in DOORS Next Generation as well as full historical data
  • No need for expensive recreation of compliance and reporting framework around DOORS Next Generation
  To learn more about Rational DOORS to DOORS Next Generation migration or request a live demonstration, fill the form.
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