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TeamForge - ServiceNow Integration

Development and customer support teams often face challenges in prioritizing the most essential and critical fixes and enhancements from the customer standpoint. By improving cross-functional visibility between ALM tools such as TeamForge and ITSM tools like ServiceNow, teams can work on the most important features and defects, releasing high-quality products faster.
Integrating TeamForge with ServiceNow using OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM), development and support teams can achieve near to real-time visibility into status, activities and issues within and across projects. This helps solve customer issues faster, increasing team productivity and efficiency. In the first phase of this video, we will demonstrate how to create and bidirectionally synchronize an enhancement request created in ServiceNow to TeamForge. In the second phase, we will show how a problem logged by the customer related to the same enhancement request is seamlessly solved by the support team in ServiceNow and the Development team in TeamForge. Take a look!