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TeamForge - Aras Integration

Information silos can impact a team's productivity and decision-making. It can create inefficiencies and delay product cycles. High fidelity integration can help teams break data silos, ensuring seamless communication. For example, integrating TeamForge and Aras using OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) enables real-time data exchange and bridges the communication gap between development and product management teams. Moreover, TeamForge and Aras unification via OIM helps enterprises connect ALM and PLM parts of the ecosystem and accelerates the "create to close" process across the development ecosystem. The following video showcases how a fully automated bi-directional integration between TeamForge and Aras with OIM enhances visibility and cross-team collaboration across the ecosystem along with history preservation in the integrated systems. The OIM integration also leverages the functional richness of Team Forge and Aras at the same time.