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Intland Software's codebeamer Integrations Using OpsHub Integration Manager

Enterprises today are striving to increase their ability to deliver quality products and services faster. Intland Software’s codebeamer is a robust ALM solution that helps you manage the complexity of software and hardware projects. It offers advanced capabilities to manage multiple lifecycles and support the entire software lifecycle allowing you to develop better quality products. OpsHub’s flagship product, OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) support for codebeamer ALM, can help you increase efficiency and collaboration between your teams, cut costs and time to market while maintaining reliability and quality. Achieve seamless data flow and complete visibility across the product line engineering by integrating codebeamer with 50+ systems in the ALM and product delivery value chain with the help of OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM). Intland software’s codebeamer integrations using OIM enable end-to-end traceability and process transparency across the ecosystem, from demands and requirements management through development, testing, release, and operations. The video gives an overview of how Intland’s codebeamer, with the help of OpsHub Integration Manager, can increase the efficiency of your development efforts by enhancing collaboration between cross-functional teams.