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Resources - Videos Agility - Azure DevOps Server (TFS) Integration

Traditional approaches to collaboration and data sync can cause challenges such as loss of data, lengthy timelines, loss of productivity, and lack of clarity. Enterprises today need a modern planning solution that is flexible and scalable and can meet market demands and customer needs. Agility integrations using OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) drives consistency and efficiency by scaling agile practices across all levels, from teams to the entire product portfolio. OIM integrates Agility with 50+ best-of-breed industry systems. Integrating Agility with Azure DevOps Server (TFS) helps the project, portfolio and development teams achieve greater transparency, traceability, and cross-functional collaboration in a heterogeneous environment, with access to all historical and current data in their preferred system in real-time. Watch the video to learn how OIM enables a bidirectional integration between Agility and Azure DevOps Server (TFS).