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In this section, we have showcased some popular integration and migration use cases. Learn how OpsHub products make integration and migration easy.

TFS, JIRA, & HPALM/QC Integration

A highly effective ecosystem can be created by effectively integrating the best-in-class ALM systems TFS, Jira, HP ALM. The video depicts how users can integrate the three systems using OpsHub …

Duration: 5:31 minWatch Video

Jama - VSTS (Azure DevOps) Integration

The integration of Jama with VSTS (Azure DevOps) makes it easier for the business and product development teams to coordinate with each other. This, in turn, helps accelerate delivery cycles and …

Duration: 4:31 minWatch Video

DOORS - DOORS NG two-way sync

In situations where customers want to compliance and reporting structure of Doors, OpsHub Integration Manager can first migrate all data with history and audit trails to DOORS Next Generation and …

Duration: 1:53 minWatch Video

DOORS - DOORS NG Migration

OpsHub Integration Manager helps synchronize data between DOORS and DOORS Next Generation with complete audit trail and history along with other artifacts. OpsHub Integration Manager can fully …

Duration: 1:33 minWatch Video

Jama - JIRA Integration

The integration of Jama with JIRA brings transparency in the application delivery ecosystem. The product management teams get complete visibility into the progress of development work, and the …

Duration: 4:59 minWatch Video