Opshub Visual Studio Migration Utility

About the product & features

OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility (OVSMU) is a migration utility that helps in comprehensive and cost-effective transfer of data with full context between Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (VSTS) as well as TFS and TFS, VSTS and VSTS, and VSTS and TFS.

With OVSMU, enterprises can migrate from heterogeneous legacy systems onto unified agile platforms with zero system downtime.

OVSMU supports the 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015 versions of TFS and all versions of Visual Studio Online, including the 2017 version.

Features of OVSMU:

Migrate files and folders, test cases, and test entities: test suites, test run, test results, test plans

Migrate attachments, issue-relationship links, and custom process templates

Migrate revisions, change-sets with source
history and multiple projects in
single configuration

Run same migration configuration multiple times

Preserve cross-project linkages and label sync
for version control

One-to-one user mapping as well as many-to-one
user mapping

Metadata migration: areas, iteration, user
permissions, groups, and teams

With OVSMU, enterprises can migrate data between TFS and VSTS in 5 simple steps.

Data migration using OVSMU is a simple, five-steps process:
  • Provide details of the source point and target point
  • Specify the kind of data to be migrated: version control data or work items data
  • Select the projects to be migrated
  • Provide User(s) Mapping
  • Check source and target templates (customization)

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OVSMU editions:

OVSMU comes in two editions: Free and Commercial.

The free edition doesn’t have all the above listed features.

Free edition only supports the migration of work-items with attachments, comments, link traceability and migration of change-sets.

It helps customers migrate the most commonly-requested data from on-site TFS to a VSTS account. Support for this edition is available through a community-supported Q&A forum.

Please download the free edition from the Visual Studio Gallery.

To learn in detail about the feature differences in the free and commercial edition, download the feature comparison sheet .

Why choose OVSMU

The need to migrate data with intact model, structures, and history revisions is becoming more and more critical for global companies for multiple reasons, including compliance regulations. OVSMU helps enterprises migrate data from traditional systems to cloud with extreme ease.

  • Hassle-free when compared to manual migration: Fault-tolerant, high-performance, cost-effective, trouble-free, and more accurate than flat-file migration processes
  • Zero-system-downtime migrations: Continue to use your old system until the data is completely transferred
  • History retention: Retain entire work-item revisions and version control change-sets
  • Easy and intuitive: Intuitive User Interface (UI) and a simple five-steps process to migrate data, consumes low bandwidth
  • Helps consolidate heterogeneous legacy systems: Save on system maintenance fees, reduce customization and cycle time, improve collaboration, and increase productivity

To learn about the pricing of OVSMU, click here .

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