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OpsHub and infiNetix Implement Azure DevOps Migration in Tight Timelines and Zero Downtime


infiNetix, our client, specializes in delivering high-end information technology services, and improving business processes. Based in Annapolis, MD, they provide IT & Consulting services to help their customers implement and scale their operations and technologies. One of their customers wanted to move/migrate their data from Commercial Cloud to Government Cloud, which required migration between Azure DevOps organizations. infiNetix chose OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM) to help its client ease their migration journey. 


  • 1 Choosing a migration strategy that could migrate data to a different tenant/ environment without disrupting team productivity.
  • 2 Preserving historical data work items, including links, history, comments, and attachments while migrating to the new environment.
  • 3 Time crunch: The client wanted the migration to be completed within a short period of time

Timely and Complete Migration with Zero Data Loss

OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM) enabled a full fidelity migration with zero data loss, transitioning seamlessly from one Azure DevOps organization to another Azure DevOps organization.  
The partnership with OpsHub helped infiNetix accomplish the migration goals for their client on time, within budget and without disrupting their business continuity. 

Engagement Benefits 

  • Data consolidation from multiple ADO sources
  • Preservation of mission critical data (both historical and current data) 
  • Intuitive, automated, and UI-based migration 
  • Ability for teams to be productive without downtime or disruption
  • Smooth switchover and operational continuity with on-time migration
  • Post migration, the OpsHub Professional Services (PS) team helped reconcile old user accounts to the new user account in the target system 

OpsHub saved the day for us. With continuous support from OpsHub, we were able to complete the migration for our client on time. The whole experience of collaborating with OpsHub was great. The team investigated the issues for us. Also, logging was highly detailed, and the team always had answers to what migrated and what didn’t. Installing OADOM and connecting the two environments was easy, facilitating the migration journey. I would 100 % recommend OpsHub to anyone.

– Tarik Mahfoudi

CEO, infiNetix 

OpsHub Guarantees:

OpsHub Guarantees

Zero Downtime Migration

We ensure that teams can continue to work in their tools while the migration is ongoing and cut over to the new tool when they are ready.

Complete Data Migration

We mean it! We offer the most complete and result oriented data migration. No data is left behind and compliance is taken care of too.

Unmatched Scalability

Factory approach to migration means the effort to migrate increases only marginally even if the number of projects increases from 1 to 1000.