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OpsHub Joins Forces with PTC to Empower Teams to Act with the Best Tools and Complete Information

OpsHub announces webinar and eBook on Practical Considerations for Modernizing Your Requirements Management Toolchain.

Palo Alto, September 06, 2022 – OpsHub, Inc. announced an eBook and joint webinar on Practical Considerations for Modernizing Your Requirements Management Toolchain to empower teams to modernize their legacy toolchains. OpsHub has been collaborating with PTC on the eBook and webinar, following PTC’s acquisition of Intland Software.

The increased complexity of digital products highlights the role of SDLC processes, such as requirements engineering, to deliver safe and high-quality products. To meet the mandate of a modern and secure requirements management practice, teams are turning to future-proof solutions that help tackle these emerging challenges.

Migration from legacy tools to modern, future-ready solutions requires a carefully laid out strategy to de-risk the process and ensure zero downtime and disruption. In this webinar on 8 Sep 2022, experts from OpsHub and PTC share real-world insights into modernizing a requirements management practice, the best tool and data migration approaches and best practices for agile modernization.

“For agile teams who want to accelerate the pace of innovation, it is important that they have complete information on the best tool available for the task,” says Janos Koppany, Vice President and Strategic Advisor at PTC. “The webinar and eBook help users to understand the best practices and practical considerations of requirements management modernization.”

“OpsHub enables agile innovation teams to leverage the best tool for their purpose, freeing them up from their legacy tool jail”, says Sandeep Jain, CEO of OpsHub, Inc. “OpsHub de-risks adoption of modern tools with agile, incremental, non-disruptive migrations that preserve historical context, formatting, relationships and inline references.”

Webinar participants will get an opportunity to interact with subject matter experts and understand the key considerations of migration right from selecting the right strategy to multiple tool adoption and data migration approaches that are fit for their purpose.

About OpsHub
OpsHub™ provides agile innovative teams with access to the right information in the right tool at the right time. OpsHub makes it easy to avoid lock-in to obsolete tools, and breaks down information silos, empowering teams to make data-driven, informed decisions, and to take action to deliver higher quality products sooner.

OpsHub™ offers a non-disruptive approach to adopting modern tools, a federated approach to ensuring complete information available to each person in the tool of their choice, and a domain and history aware analytics approach to uncovering enhanced actionable insights.

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