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OpsHub Highlights Its Role in Creating a Customer-Centric Ecosystem

by Marketing | May 9, 2017

By using OpsHub’s flagship integration solution, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services users can seamlessly integrate with most of the popular CRM systems.

Palo Alto, CA – May 10, 2017. OpsHub enables enterprises to create a customer-centric, unified DevOps environment by integrating Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, the popular cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system, with CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Service Management systems like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and Zendesk, etc. In a customer-centric world, where quality customer service and shorter response time are critical factors for success, connecting Visual Studio Team Services with CRM and Service Desk systems gives developers, sales and service team insights into each other’s world and enhance cross team collaboration.

By integrating CRM and Service Desk systems with Visual Studio Team Services using OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM), enterprises can create a seamless flow of information between the sales, support, and development teams. This will not only lead to quick and quality response to customer issues, it will also give developers the much-needed insight into business priorities and the kind of issues customers face. This makes it easier for developers to prioritize their tasks as they have real-time visibility into the customer priorities set by the sales team.

OpsHub, which is a premier Visual Studio partner has a proven track record of successful integrations and migrations for Visual Studio Team Services. Its best-in-class, customizable, and scalable integration solution, OIM, can connect Visual Studio Team Services with 50+ other ALM, CRM, and DevOps tools, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and Zendesk, etc. Features such as support for automatic recovery and reconciliation, proactive conflict management, implicit traceability, and historical tracking make OIM an ideal integration solution for integration of two or more cross-functional systems.

“Customer obsession is key to success in the digital, software-enabled world” said Sandeep Jain, CEO of OpsHub Inc. “By integrating Sales, Customer Service, and Development systems, organizations can ensure seamless collaboration between sales, support, and development team to ensure exceptional customer experience.”

“Great customer experiences are critical to the success of every organization.” said Shawn Nandi, Senior Director, Cloud App Development, and Data Product Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “By integrating Visual Studio Team Services with other systems that manage customer relationships and customer support, development teams can collaborate seamlessly with customer facing teams, and quickly respond to changing demands.”

About OpsHub

OpsHub is the leading provider of integration and migration solutions for the ALM, CRM, and DevOps tool chains. OpsHub improves the efficiency and effectiveness of agile teams in ALM and DevOps environments by making necessary and current data available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. OpsHub’s solutions for integration and migration speed up development processes, reduce errors, improve decision-making, and result in delivering innovative products and services faster, with higher quality at lower cost.

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