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OpsHub Announces Integration Support for Jama Software

With OpsHub’s integration support for Jama, existing and new Jama users will be able to unify the product development tool chain, enabling seamless collaboration and enhanced decision making across the ecosystem.

Palo Alto, CA – Jan 17, 2018. Today, OpsHub announces its integration support for Jama Software. With OpsHub’s integration support, Jama users will be able to easily connect with 50+ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and DevOps systems, such as JIRA, Salesforce, ServiceNow, qTest, CA Agile Central, GitHub, Micro Focus ALM, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), etc. The integration of Jama with other heterogeneous systems in the ecosystem will enable enterprises to make comprehensive decisions based on reliable and contextual data.

Teams involved in various stages of ALM struggle mainly because of little or no cross-functional visibility. Product Managers work on their own system with little visibility into the actual implementation status of a task, whereas development and Quality Assurance (QA) teams work in siloes with just one-sided communication coming from product teams. With OpsHub Integration Manager, the integration solution from OpsHub, data will flow seamlessly across the ecosystem in real time and will be accessible by the users within their native systems. This will enable teams to collaborate more easily and take decisions faster.

OpsHub Integration Manager will also allow Jama users to migrate all their existing data from traditional systems to Jama. This will enable enterprises to discard the traditional systems that don’t support agile practices, and create an agile-friendly ecosystem that can be scaled up to an enterprise level.

Sandeep Jain, CEO of OpsHub Inc., said “OpsHub Integration Manager provides Jama users with complete visibility into the data across the ecosystem without logging into individual systems. Data between all integrated systems flows seamlessly, while the cross-functional teams are free to work with the systems of their choice.”

“Traceability across lifecycle management and Systems Engineering solutions is essential when building the complex systems being engineered by Jama’s customers” said Jennifer Jaffe, vice president of product, Jama Software. “In an integrated ecosystem like the one facilitated by the OpsHub Integration Manager, data sharing, collaboration, traceability, and decision making will become effortless for all Jama users.”

About OpsHub

OpsHub is the leading provider of integration and migration solution for the ALM and DevOps tool chains. OpsHub improves the efficiency and effectiveness of agile teams in ALM and DevOps environments by making necessary and current data available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. OpsHub’s solutions for integration and migration speed up development processes, reduce errors, improve decision-making, and result in delivering innovative products and services faster, with higher quality at lower cost.

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