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OpsHub Announces Integration & Migration Support For Azure DevOps (VSTS) 2017

by Aarushi Ranade | Mar 7, 2017

OpsHub, Inc. announces immediate support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and continuing support for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services. This enables application development teams to seamlessly integrate their best-of-breed Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps tools with Visual Studio 2017, driving efficiency and collaboration between business stakeholders, development teams, testing and operations.

PALO ALTO, CA–(PRWired- March 7, 2017) – OpsHub is pleased to be a Microsoft Visual Studio launch partner and announce immediate availability of OpsHub Integration Manager with support for Visual Studio 2017. With this update from OpsHub, software development organizations can quickly integrate their ALM & DevOps tool chains with Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Team Services, enabling Visual Studio to effectively manage the overall process.

“With Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft is once again raising the bar for DevOps & ALM tools” said Sandeep Jain, President and CEO of OpsHub. “At OpsHub, we further enhance the value of Visual Studio 2017 by enabling heterogeneous teams to effectively leverage its functionality by seamlessly integrating third party tools with it.”

Shawn Nandi, Senior Director, Cloud App Dev and Data Marketing for Microsoft Corp. added, “The OpsHub integration solution for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 helps to unify the DevOps ecosystem and enables teams to fully leverage Visual Studio 2017 in heterogeneous tool chain environments. With both on-premises and cloud-based support, OpsHub’s Integration solutions and Visual Studio, gives teams the ability to rapidly build, test and deploy applications in multiple environments.”

About OpsHub

OpsHub is the leading provider of integration and migration solutions for ALM and DevOps tool chains. OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) improves the efficiency and effectiveness of agile teams in ALM and DevOps environments by integrating the whole tool chain and making rich real time data from other systems available to each user, in that user’s preferred system. OIM currently supports over 45 ALM and DevOps tools. OpsHub’s solutions for integration and migration speed up development processes, improve traceability, reduce errors and improve decision-making, resulting in faster delivery of innovative products and services.

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