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The Community Edition of OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) facilitates bi-directional integration for 5 popular Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools.

January 29, 2020. Palo Alto, California. OpsHub, today, launched the community edition of OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM). The community edition supports bi-directional integration for Jira, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps Server (TFS), Micro Focus ALM, and Azure DevOps Services (VSTS). All key features of OIM paid edition have been included in the community version. The users of OIM community edition will also get complimentary lifetime customer support through the OpsHub community.

For organizations looking to boost meaningful collaboration among its cross-functional teams to gain visibility across the varied, disparate, best-of-breed tooling environment, comprehensive integration is a necessity. However, due to a lack of enterprise-ready, economically viable integration solutions in the market, smaller organizations or those just starting their integration journey either end up paying for more than what they need or fund a dedicated development team to build, support and maintain an integration solution – neither of which is sustainable.

Vibhuti Bhushan, Vice President – Products, OpsHub says, “OIM community edition will be a significantly superior alternative to the minimal-viable integration solutions internally developed by organizations to meet their immediate integration needs. Customers using OIM community edition will not only have access to enterprise-grade integration features out-of-the-box, but also have a seamless upgrade path to OIM commercial editions with the full feature set and dedicated customer support.”

With OIM community edition, users will be able to integrate five of the most popular ALM systems without writing a single line of code. Users will also be able to synchronize comments and attachments across these systems. Advanced features such as conflict resolution and access to configuration audits logs are also present in the community edition. Check out a detailed list of OIM Community edition features.

Users can download OIM Community Edition after registering on the OpsHub Community.

About OpsHub

OpsHub is the leading provider of integration and migration solution for the ALM and DevOps tool chains. OpsHub improves the efficiency and effectiveness of agile teams in ALM and DevOps environments by making necessary and current data available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. OpsHub’s solutions for integration and migration speed up development processes, reduce errors, improve decision-making, and result in delivering innovative products and services faster, with higher quality at lower cost.

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