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Jira Align Integration Using OpsHub Integration Manager

Poor visibility and traceability around portfolio management, product management and its execution impact business agility and portfolio strategy. Agile practitioners such as portfolio managers, executives and delivery teams use Jira Align for capability management, prioritizing feature backlogs and mapping progress against the overarching enterprise strategy. Therefore, it is vital to align portfolio and program management with implementation to bridge the gap between business and technical delivery. Integrating Jira Align with work execution (Jira, Azure DevOps), quality management and other portfolio management tools offers the much-needed traceability and transparency between cross-functional teams.

With OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM), stakeholders can drill down from top to bottom in the portfolio with complete transparency and enhanced reporting even when the execution teams may be using a variety of tools. Map the acceptance criteria and portfolio requirements between Jira Align and tools such as Jira, Rally, Agility, Jama Connect, DOORS, etc., and 50+ tools in the ALM ecosystem.

Jira Align



Integrate Jira Align with 50+ tools in the agile delivery ecosystem to eliminate human, error-prone methods of collaboration

  • Integration between Jira Align and work execution tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps etc, fosters collaboration and traceability between product managers and developers
  • Integration between Jira Align and other portfolio management tools (like Rally, Agility, etc.) improves planning, collaboration and visibility for portfolio managers, who may be using different portfolio management tools.
  • Integration between Jira Align with requirements management tools such as DOORS, DOORS Next Generation, Jama Connect, Modern Requirements connects business ideas, requirements and strategy to execution.

  • Aligns portfolio strategy with real-time, top-to-bottom roadmap that aggregates data from across project and portfolio management tools
  • Enables agile teams to strategically plan work in Jira Align and synchronize results from cross-functional teams using their preferred CI/CD tools
  • Allows real-time access to information such as epic, story & task completion and sync it back to Jira Align for reporting at the enterprise levels

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