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Enable automated seamless migration within Azure DevOps ecosystem with OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM)!

For enterprises on their digital transformation journey, there comes the point when migration becomes essential for the adoption of modern tools and processes. However, migration within the Azure DevOps landscape can be a complex proposition. Some of the critical concerns in Azure DevOps data migration include data fidelity, system downtime, system availability, impact on employee productivity, and preservation of institutional knowledge and historical data between source and target systems.

A high-fidelity approach to Azure DevOps migration allows enterprises to seamlessly migrate data without leaving any data behind or compromising productivity. OpsHub migration solution, OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM), ensures complete, cost-effective, and secured data migration between all combinations of Azure DevOps Server and Services with no downtime, complete context, failure management, and recovery, full traceability, provision to re-run delta sync changes and full flexibility for organizations to choose a cut-over time.

Overcome the challenge of migrating high volume data between Azure DevOps tools via OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM). It is an intuitive UI – based tool for migration that preserves cross-project linkages and seamlessly migrates projects between the Azure DevOps systems.