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Download OADOM Datasheet

Learn More about Automated Azure DevOps Migration with OpsHub

Migrate between Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server with zero downtime and full fidelity

Download OADOM Datasheet

Enable automated seamless migration within Azure DevOps ecosystem with OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM). Download the OADOM datasheet. Migration within the Azure DevOps landscape can be a complex undertaking.

  • Is the version to be migrated the latest version of the ADO server?
  • Are you migrating a single server collection to a single service instance?
  • Can you migrate with zero downtime, no upgrades required or merge multiple collections?

With a high-fidelity, zero-downtime approach, OADOM ensures a comprehensive, cost-effective, and non-disruptive migration between all combinations of Azure DevOps Server and Services.

Understand how you can migrate seamlessly with an intuitive UI-based tool via OADOM that preserves history and cross-project linkages and helps teams to move projects easily between multiple ADO systems.