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How OpsHub Drives Excellence Through Automation

Connect ALM and DevOps Systems. Provide a common collaboration platform for standalone tools. Support for more than 50+ integrations.

Connect ALM and DevOps systems to create a unified application development environment, enabling teams to collaborate across systems and ensure alignment with your company’s product development goals.

Provide a common platform for migrating and integrating incompatible and distributed applications to increase the efficiency of your development process while maximizing value from existing IT investments.

Support for more than 50 ALM and DevOps tools and systems. OIM has been architected, designed, and built to enable uni- and bi-directional synchronization across existing development environments, delivering seamless collaboration to your product development organization.

With OpsHub Integration Manager, you will realize:

  • Full Potential of Agile and DevOps
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Greater Organizational Visibility
  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Failure Management. Sync failures are automatically re-tried. Administrators can view, manually re-try, or delete.
  • Business Rules. Configure validation conditions for change check-ins to source code systems, independent of IDE. Rules can access other systems for criteria.
  • Automatic Recovery. In case of system downtime, OIM provides automatic recovery from downtime-related failures once the system is restored.
  • Field and Link Mapping. Smart and reusable mappings that automatically detect field types and type of transformation required (e.g., HTML to plain text, date to calendar/string, etc).
  • Multi-Project Support. Enables syncing across multiple projects in a single integration. Subsetting. Specify criteria to select a subset of all the elements being synced.
  • Workflow/Change Set Support. Customization enables additional data transformations in addition to sync.
  • Web-Based UI. Administrators can access and manage OIM from any browser within the network.
  • Metadata sync. Uni- and bi-directional sync of areas, iterations, milestones, versions, and sprints (available for Jira, Azure DevOps, Rally, Micro Focus and Agility).