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Migration from Legacy Requirements Management Tool to Azure DevOps and Modern Requirements Aided by OpsHub Migration Manager


Our client is a global medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, and clinical laboratories with a range of innovative solutions. The customer was in the process of consolidating their legacy project lifecycle management (PLM) tools distributed across a variety of siloed legacy toolsets. As part of this initiative, they wanted to migrate from a legacy requirements management tool to Azure DevOps (ADO) and Modern Requirements for a simpler, modern, and powerful user experience.


  • 1 Data distributed across multiple siloed toolsets
  • 2 Complex and rich data with embedded documents, images, and traceability linkages
  • 3 Complex and unwieldy user experience
  • 4 Need to consolidate requirements management, issue tracking and test case management

Adoption of Azure DevOps and Modern Requirements with the help of OpsHub Migration Manager

Our client narrowed down on Azure DevOps and Modern Requirements for these tools’ rich capabilities and vital ALM features all in one tool as part of their tool consolidation strategy. They chose OpsHub Migration Manager (OMM) for its ability to migrate complex datasets between heterogeneous tool systems.

Engagement Benefits 

  • 30 modules distributed across 4 entities were migrated to target system
  • Variations across different modules and entities were managed
  • Excellent support and problem-solving
  • Migrating complex datasets from legacy tool to ADO
  • Team flexibility and resourcefulness to handle migration complexities

OpsHub, and their Migration Manager tool were instrumental in making the implementation of Modern Requirements4DevOps a success with this client. They helped to migrate critical historical content from the client’s legacy DOORS requirements tool to Modern Requirements/Azure DevOps with high fidelity, no disruption, no downtime and in a timely manner. They delivered what was promised and remain a trusted partner for our company!

– Bob Savelson

SVP Sales – Enterprise Accounts, Modern Requirements

OpsHub Guarantees:

OpsHub Guarantees

Zero Downtime Migration

We ensure that teams can continue to work in their tools while the migration is ongoing and cut over to the new tool when they are ready.

Complete Data Migration

We mean it! We offer the most complete and result oriented data migration. No data is left behind and compliance is taken care of too.

Unmatched Scalability

Factory approach to migration means the effort to migrate increases only marginally even if the number of projects increases from 1 to 1000.