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Legacy Modernization with OpsHub Accelerates Agile Decision-Making for Canvas


Canvas Credit Union, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a leading financial cooperative that offers a wide range of financial products and services, including savings, free checking, loans, mortgages, and online & mobile banking.

The company wanted to adopt Azure DevOps Cloud to improve efficiency and cross-team collaboration. They also wanted to use new features from Azure DevOps Cloud that make it easier to maintain and keep things secure without losing history, context and linkages from the projects they were moving.

They needed a migration partner that could help them consolidate multiple projects in Azure DevOps Server to a single project in the latest version of Azure DevOps (Cloud).

OpsHub helped them accelerate this modernization and consolidation endeavor while preserving historical user stories allowing the teams at Canvas to break information silos and gain a holistic view of their project portfolio.


  • 1 Migrate to Azure DevOps (Cloud)from an on – premise deployment of Azure DevOps Server (TFS) with minimal disruption
  • 2 Retain historical information of the past few years and avoid any data loss during migration
  • 3 Teams working in silos in Azure DevOps Server (TFS), hindering cross-platform visibility and traceability

Reduced IT Complexity with Automated Migration

To address these challenges, Canvas partnered with OpsHub, and performed the migration using OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM). OADOM enabled them to break data silos by consolidating multiple TFS projects into a single Azure DevOps project with zero downtime.

Engagement Benefits 

As part of this migration to the cloud, Canvas:

  • Retained historical information of the past few years – with half a million records migrated.
  • Gained a full portfolio view of the different projects and work being done across all their digital and IT teams.
  • Enabled Agile reporting and decision-making in a modern environment.
  • Cut through process complexity with automation and achieved enhanced cross-team visibility and efficiency.

OpsHub migration tool facilitated the entire migration process in a non-disruptive manner. Most importantly, it helped us provide a holistic view of our portfolio of work and projects across all our digital and IT teams, and still allowing the individual teams to focus on their respective tasks to complete development effortlessly. Our project gained traction within the span of a few months.

– Mike Ranson, AVP of IT – Enterprise Solutions

Canvas Credit Union

OpsHub Guarantees:

OpsHub Guarantees

Zero Downtime Migration

We ensure that teams can continue to work in their tools while the migration is ongoing and cut over to the new tool when they are ready.

Complete Data Migration

We mean it! We offer the most complete and result oriented data migration. No data is left behind and compliance is taken care of too.

Unmatched Scalability

Factory approach to migration means the effort to migrate increases only marginally even if the number of projects increases from 1 to 1000.