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Better Products Faster

“OpsHub enables real-time collaboration between distributed quality and development teams while allowing each team to use the tools best suited for their tasks. We don’t have to compromise between collaboration and effectiveness – So we can deliver better quality products faster.”

– Manoj Juneja, Senior Manager, Software Applications

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Test Solution for PeopleSoft

“Now that we have consolidated the entire organization onto Visual Studio for testing we don’t have the costs and inefficiencies of maintaining competencies in multiple technologies.”

– Suresh Ramadurai, Director, IT Business Systems Solutions

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Real-Time Collaboration

“The OpsHub solution unifies our ALM ecosystem, not only allowing our cross-functional teams to improve communications and gain richer visibility and better traceability across their native ALM systems, but also significantly reducing the time spent by our quality teams on cross-functional projects.”

– Beverly Gunter, Quality Assurance Manager

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