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Practical Considerations for Modernizing your Requirements Management Toolchain

Learn about the best migration strategies for your purpose, straight from experts.

Modernizing legacy Requirements Management (RM) infrastructure has become a business imperative to meet the mandate of a modern and secure requirements management practice. But modernizing deeply entrenched legacy tools requires a well-planned strategy to de-risk the process, ensure zero downtime and disruption.
This eBook is designed to help decision makers learn about the practical considerations for modernizing their requirements management toolchain.

In this eBook, subject matter experts from OpsHub and PTC share insights on:

  • Business drivers of tool modernization
  • Characteristics of legacy requirements management tools
  • Devising the right requirements management plan
  • Strategies for modernizing toolchains
  • Tool adoption and migration approaches
  • Benefits of RM tool modernization

Learn from experts how to leverage the best tool for your purpose, de-risk modernization with an agile, incremental and non-disruptive migration strategy.