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Opt for an incremental, non-disruptive, full-fidelity migration with zero downtime with OpsHub Migration Manager (OMM)!

Data migration has become essential to boost business agility and accelerate innovation and digital transformation. However, traditional migration methods / Big Bang approach can be costly, disruptive, and comprise a considerable risk of failure. Adopting an agile approach to migration can be beneficial for enterprises, ensuring progressive migration with zero downtime and no data loss.

Successful data migration is important to do away with the legacy system and utilize the modern tool of choice fully. Additionally, it ensures that organizations always work with accurate data that supports the needs of the business and mitigates the risk of delays, substandard quality products, and budget overruns. OpsHub provides a robust platform, OpsHub Migration Manager, designed to address the complex challenges of data migration. It facilitates data migration, which is minimal risk, incremental, iterative, and agile, ensuring business continuity without disruption.

OpsHub has rich experience in migrating thousands of projects and millions of work items with complete history, attachments, comments, and associations, making it easier for enterprises to transition to modern tools without any disruption / downtime.