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How a Top Financial Services Company Successfully Migrated to Jira and qTest with OpsHub Migration Manager


The client aspired to modernize and transform its engineering toolchain by switching from legacy tool to a combination of Jira for Development team and qTest for QA team.

The migration itself impacted several teams and required to migrate 3000+ projects from the legacy tool to one instance of Jira Enterprise and qTest in a way that the Artifacts from Jira and qTest were linked post-migration and all the history and traceability was preserved. However, the biggest challenge was to ensure that teams were minimally impacted during the migration.

OpsHub helped the client perform a technology-led full-fidelity data migration and achieve high operational resiliency with ZERO DOWNTIME.

These were the following key considerations for migration:

  • 1Retain the entire dataset from the legacy system and transform it to fit the templates in Jira and qTest.
  • 2Rapid migration without locking teams out of any tool to ensure there is no impact to ongoing work as well as planning for new projects.
  • 3Migrate teams on time and on demand when they are ready, instead of forcing them to migrate all at once.

About the Client: A leading US multinational investment and financial services giant.

Industry: Financial Services

Number of Employees: 100k+

Products Used: OpsHub Migration Manager

The Client Achieved Full-Fidelity of Data Post Migration with Zero Downtime

OpsHub Approach & Solution

OpsHub partnered with the client and offered a robust migration solution that comes equipped with a proven framework, easy configuration, and zero downtime.

The solution was aimed at mapping the field data and configuration settings of the legacy tool to Jira and qTest, enabling transparent data exchange between the two tools quickly yet efficiently. The entire migration was divided across 4 waves, 1 pilot, and 2 effective PoCs on different Jira and qTest environments to move rapidly from assessment to planning followed by actual migration.

OpsHub team worked closely with the client to ensure that the substantial differences in the underlying infrastructure of both the tools are mapped properly. We adopted a factory approach for the bulk migration of 3000 projects and roughly 5 million entities to ensure that the time required in set-up and validation was minimal. That was really important because of the sheer volume of data and the number of projects that needed to move between the tools.

No Data Loss and No Downtime with the Help of Robust Recovery and Reconciliation Mechanism

The teams continued working on the legacy tool without any disturbance while the migration was going on till the migration was completed and the teams were ready to move to Jira and qTest. The PMO office planned the migration of different teams in stages and OpsHub team ensured that migration for different projects were completed as per the plan.

No Data Loss and No Downtime




Artifacts Type

5 million+



All the efforts together resulted into a successful migration of all the projects with full traceability and restored links between Artifacts even though they were in different tools (in this case Jira and qTest). The entire data was migrated without any data loss. The teams were able to work without any impact in the legacy tool while the migration was happening and switched to Jira or qTest as soon as the migration was completed. There was no downtime or loss of productivity for any of the teams.

The complete migration took six months; with the initial two months focusing on requirements’ gathering, pilot and validation of the POC. The next four months saw a seamless migration of 3000+ projects in various stages as desired by the client.

  • Helped the client achieve tool modernization which was critical step in their digital transformation journey.
  • Migrated 3000+ projects and more than 5M Artifacts on schedule.
  • Full-fidelity and traceability across Jira and qTest post-migration.

OpsHub Guarantees:

Zero Downtime Migration

Zero Downtime Migration

We ensure that teams can continue to work in their tools while the migration is ongoing and cut over to the new tool when they are ready.

Complete Data Migration

Complete Data Migration

We mean it! We offer the most complete and result oriented data migration. No data is left behind and compliance is taken care of too.

Unmatched Scalability

Unmatched Scalability

Factory approach to migration means the effort to migrate increases only marginally even if the number of projects increase from 1 to 1000.