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Migrate from Legacy Systems to codebeamer with OpsHub Migration Manager 

Digital transformation necessitates the adoption of modern tools that enable complete traceability and foster communication while being compliant with industry regulations and governance standards. In order to meet these standards, enterprises need to migrate from legacy requirements management or legacy ALM systems to modern, scalable, and comprehensive ALM tools such as codebeamer. By migrating high-value, legacy data to codebeamer, product teams can simplify their workflows and manage risks, requirements, and quality more effectively – without disrupting processes.

Empower product teams to achieve a high-fidelity, zero-downtime migration to codebeamer with the help of OpsHub Migration Manager (OMM).  The right high-fidelity data migration strategy and processes help ensure data accuracy and the retention of the institutional knowledge locked in the legacy system.

By leveraging OpsHub Migration Manager for high-fidelity migration,  enterprises can preserve their cumulative legacy data along with its historical context without any systems downtime. This ensures business continuity, optimum productivity and security, and mitigates the risk of idle users/systems, and data loss or corruption.

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OMM Enables a Seamless Transition from Legacy Tools to codebeamer

OpsHub offers a robust solution to address the complexities of data migration. With OpsHub Migration Manager, you can migrate seamlessly from a legacy requirements management system to codebeamer ensuring: 

  • high data fidelity
    Zero migration downtime

    Teams can continue to use the source system while the migration is in progress. This helps organizations phase their migration and train teams well in advance for the switch without having to worry about systems downtime and loss of productivity.

  • high data fidelity
    High data fidelity

    Bridge the gap of structural mismatch between source and target systems and ensure all desired data is migrated with the right relationships. 

  • History for all migrated data
    History for all migrated data

    OMM enables the comprehensive migration of all artifacts with complete history, comments, attachments, and relationships, ensuring a seamless migration without loss of contextual information or risk of compliance errors.  

  • Recovery and data reconciliation
    Recovery and data reconciliation

    OpsHub’s sound recovery and reconciliation mechanism allows users to restart migration from any intermediate point and prevent data loss.

  • Leverage bi-directional integration
    Leverage bi-directional integration

    In scenarios where customers use special scripts for compliance, audit and reporting purposes, OpsHub migrates all data with the complete history and audit trail to codebeamer and then facilitates  bi-directional sync between the source system and codebeamer to keep the data consistent in both systems.

  • actory approach to migration
    Factory approach to migration

    Large- scale migration projects require a scalable and flexible migration solution. OMM offers a factory approach where the configuration for migration is repeatable once validated. 

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