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How Intergraph Consolidated Quality Management on Microsoft Azure DevOps Server

The Scenario

Intergraph’s PPM Division Services Group was using a legacy system for quality and test management:

  • Requirements, Defects, Test Sets, Test Plans, Test Cases
  • More than 300 engineers in Development, QA, and PMO
  • More than 80 projects

The Business Problem

Each project in the legacy quality management system required high customization, so much that no two projects were similar. Mapping of elements was therefore difficult, which in turn affected project scoping and the safety of PPM’s intellectual property.

The business decision was made to migrate all the projects to Microsoft Azure DevOps Server – MTM. Consolidating all test and QA activities into a single environment would reduce customization and cycle time while improving productivity and quality. But the only apparent solution was to use flat files – an approach that would sacrifice the current and historical relationships among elements.

The OpsHub Solution

The OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) provides fault-tolerant, high performance migration and integration of multiple commercial and open source systems with Team Foundation Server.

“By working with OpsHub to migrate our quality and test management activities to Azure DevOps Server (Also known as TFS) we saved a significant amount in license fees, and we expect to benefit even more in productivity by having one environment for all our business processes.” – Jared Watson, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance and Services Support


OpsHub Integration Manager completed the migration to Team Foundation Server (Azure DevOps Server – MTM) before Intergraph’s license to the existing quality management system expired.

The OpsHub migration gave Intergraph complete preservation of:

  • All historical data and test cases
  • Attachments
  • Relationships and mapping

The migration was completed with no system downtime.


“Now that we have consolidated the entire organization onto Azure DevOps Server (Also known as TFS) for quality and testing, we are able to collaborate better and work more efficiently with teams from other divisions,” says Jared.

“OpsHub went above and beyond, working less as a solutions contractor and more as a trusted advisor and partner. They worked closely with us making the migration to Azure DevOps Server (Also known as TFS) quick, easy, and trouble-free.”