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Update requirements in the system of your choice

Spend less time on requirements workflow. Discard unclear means of unhealthy data records such as spreadsheet dumps, emails, or other unreliable means of extracting data.

Verification with Enhanced Traceability and Planning

Empower verification engineers in Cadence vManager to sync requirements from Jama Connect in real-time automatically. Speed up System on Chip (SoC) level functional verification flow by reducing manual traceability, resulting in faster tape out and efficient manufacturing.

  • Improve collaboration between verification teams and business teams to resolve communication issues with complete transparency
  • Maintain bidirectional sync to update changes and results from Cadence vManager to Jama Connect and vice versa
  • Enable real-time exchange of information. For example, status updates for parts, Requirements, and Engineering Change Requests
  • Decrease effort leakage by avoiding stale requirement records

Cadence vManager Integration with Jama Connect Using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Cadence vManager integrates with Jama Connect bidirectionally
  • The synchronization ensures all historical and current data is available to users in real-time in their preferred environment with full context
  • All work items from vManager sync automatically to Jama Connect and all requirement entities and details synchronize back to vManager from Jama Connect
  • All the information you need in real-time in your preferred tool. No manual dependencies or room for errors

Verification as usual

Verification with OIM integration support


Be it bidirectional or unidirectional data sync, OpsHub Integration Manager makes it easy to set it up in 3 simple steps!