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Get access to all verification data in one system, without having to check it in different systems

Excellent stakeholder visibility across systems. Enable product teams to make decisions in real-time on the basis of actual test results data.

Verification with Enhanced Traceability and Planning

Enable the users of Cadence vManager and IBM DOORS to sync information bidirectionally so that historical and current data is available to each user in each system. Integrating Cadence vManager with IBM DOORS helps verification and business teams focus on their core tasks without wasting time on manual data transfer. Use data across teams with full context and transparency to:

  • Help verification teams focus on writing verification tests based on the latest requirements without changing their Cadence vManager user experience
  • Enable business teams to take the product and design decisions based on actual test results data synced from Cadence vManager
  • Maintain bidirectional sync to update changes and results from Cadence vManager to IBM DOORS and vice versa
  • Enable real-time visibility into the development of each entity and its verification
  • Decrease effort leakage by avoiding stale requirement records

Cadence vManager Integration with IBM DOORS Using OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Cadence vManager integrates with IBM DOORS bidirectionally
  • The synchronization ensures all historical and current data is available to users in real-time in their preferred environment with full context 
  • All work items from Cadence vManager sync automatically to IBM DOORS and all requirement entities and details synchronize back to Cadence vManager from IBM DOORS
  • All the information you need in real time in your preferred tool. No manual dependencies or room for errors! 

Verification as usual

Verification with OIM integration support


Be it bidirectional or unidirectional data sync, OpsHub Integration Manager makes it easy to set it up in 3 simple steps!