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TFS – VSTS migration

Case: An enterprise wants to migrate data from its on-site TFS instance to a common VSTS instance.

Increasing collaboration in teams across geographies

Accelerating time-to-value by moving to cloud

Recommended product

OpsHub Visual Studio Migration Utility (OVSMU)

Hassle-free migration to VSTS


Provide details of your source point (TFS) and target point (VSTS)


Specify the kind of data to be migrated: version control data or work-items data. You can also select both


Select the projects to be migrated


Provide User(s) mapping


Check source and target templates (customization) and click the Finish button

Challenges and Benefits

Challenges that enterprises can overcome

  • Transfer of high volume of data from one system to another
  • Migrating high volume of active users
  • Maintaining traceability of data and relationships in the new system
  • Minimizing system downtime as much as possible

Why choose OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Full fidelity of data in the new system
  • Zero system downtime
  • Complete traceability that ensures even strictest compliance requirement are met
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