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HP ALM – ALM Octane migration

Case: An enterprise wants to migrate data from HP ALM to ALM Octane for multiple reasons such as:.

Creating hybrid application development environment & managing backlogs across teams

Creating traceability and streamlining workspaces for large, complex solutions

Recommended product

OpsHub Integration Manager

Hassle-free migration to ALM Octane


Configure HP ALM and ALM Octane onto OpsHub Integration Manager


Identify the requirements, test plan, defects to be migrated from HP ALM to ALM Octane


Create field mapping and enable comments, attachments, and issue relationship mapping as well for complete traceability


Integrate both the systems and activate the integration

Challenges and Benefits

Challenges that enterprises can overcome

  • Complete history migration
  • Migration of all entities
  • No need for a hard cut over – keep both systems synchronized for as long as needed

Why choose OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Full fidelity of data in the new system
  • Zero system downtime
  • Complete traceability that ensures even strictest compliance requirement are met
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